The Role of Animation in Advertising

The Role of Animation in Advertising
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    The use of animation in advertising has become increasingly common.

    It's been proven as a low-cost alternative to traditional advertising and an effective way to engage audiences, amongst other benefits.


Companies have begun turning to animation to advertise their products, services, and concepts. Let’s learn more about the role of animation in advertising and why modern businesses have put their trust in this option.

Why Animation Is Valuable To Advertising

An animated advert can summarize an entire advertisement campaign with a brief yet effective visual performance. It lets businesses create and use non-realistic characters, either mascots or artificial actors, and imagine virtual, faraway worlds. It’s a fun, imaginative, and highly customizable form of advertising.

An animated advert can help a business connect with and communicate important information about their products or services to consumers.

Very few people will read through pages of text or tune in to a commercial that doesn’t interest them, but most people will tune in to a compelling animated video.

This allows businesses to explain things more effectively and reach out to customers they wouldn’t be able to entice through traditional advertising methods.

Using animation can improve a business’s image by giving them a modern look and feel. It can also make them appear more interesting to younger demographics, such as millennials and Gen Z.

Animated adverts are also much more cost-effective. There’s less expenditure for labor, a huge saving in production costs, and fewer time delays.

By hiring a reliable, high-quality animation service, businesses can achieve great results without breaking the bank. Businesses can also pre-sell their products using animation, as animated advertisements let them depict their product without needing a physical copy of it.

Animation allows for special effects, too. These can be used to personalize an advertisement and make it more appealing to the target demographic.

The Ways Animation Is Used

Now that we’ve gone over the role of animation in advertising, let’s look at how it’s used. There’s more than one way for businesses to incorporate animation into their advertisements. In advertising, character creation is huge.

Animation allows a business to create animated characters to represent their product or brand, which can be more effective and memorable than a live spokesperson. Another great thing about animation is that it’s versatile.

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Animated adverts can be made for TV, social media platforms, websites, and more. By airing their advertisements on multiple platforms, businesses can achieve a wider reach.

And when it comes to training staff and producing reports and information for stakeholders in an engaging and informative way, animation is key. Complex content can be formatted in an easy-to-understand way, which helps viewers remember it better and for longer.

No matter how it’s being used, animation works to sell, explain, and train. Animated adverts can improve site visits, search engine optimization, and sale conversions. They’re also cost effective, better at engaging customers, and allow for more creativity in the advertising process. With all these great benefits, what’s not to love?

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