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Business Management

Nest Egg Savings – How to Manage Money After Starting a Business

When starting a new business, overall vision and the end game tend to overshadow basic money management. That shortsightedness can really sink a promising enterprise in the long run if you’re not careful.


5 Ways to Improve Your Skills in Money Management

Having lots of money doesn’t mean not having financial difficulties. It’s just that at certain points in our lives, we experience feeling a couple of dollars short, making us decide to hold back some exciting things in your life – starting a family, moving forward in our career, or even pursuing another degree.


Financial Planning Tips for the Newly Retired

Most people work for their entire life and keep saving money for the retirement. Once a person retires, he has no other source of regular income and thus he has to depend entirely on the savings.

Tax Tips

Tips For Making Business Taxes Less Confusing

Taxes are confusing enough when April 15th comes around each year, but these governmental charges are even more complex when a business is involved.


Understanding Lawsuit Settlement Loans

We have often seen advertisements of different institutions offering lawsuit settlement loans. To those that aren’t involved in lawsuits, these loans seem obscure but to the majority with pending cases, these loans are a chance for financial relief.

Career Development

Tips to Help You Choose the Best Executive MBA Program

The Executive MBA (EMBA) is a part-time integrated course designed to meet the needs of professionals who wish to pursue an MBA degree without interrupting their careers. The coursework is rigorous and demanding; …


Unexpected Events You Will Want A Rainy Day Fund For

While car, life and home insurance provide financial protection for some events, many unexpected scenarios occur that can cause financial hardship. Here are some situations for which you will want to set up a rainy day fund.

Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip May 22: The Top Degrees That Have Some of the Best Earning Potential

The career you choose plays an enormous role on your livelihood, as does the education you receive to obtain that desired role. Some degrees have more earning potential than others.

Student Aid

Guide to Winning a College Scholarship

There are thousands of college scholarships that students can apply for every year. However, the competition is very stiff and getting a scholarship can be hard and challenging. The good news is that there are certain things you can do to get the right funding for your tuition…

Career Education

The Top Ten Benefits of Continuing Your Education After College

Continuing your education after you complete your college degree can be highly beneficial in today’s rapidly changing world. Courses and even higher degrees are readily available online or at local universities offering plenty of opportunities.

Fun Stuff

The Currency of the Future Starts in Africa – Bitcoins

Many recent business news point out that bitcoins may be the new currency for most African countries. Ever considered walking without money in your pocket? Yes you can with bitcoin.

Fun Stuff

Shop Online for the Finest Wedding Bands for Men

Buying wedding bands can be quite a task especially if you are buying them for men. You will walk around all malls in your city looking for the perfect wedding band but then fail to get one.


Wise Ways to Invest Your Money for Retirement

Investment planning remains one of the best ways to manage your money for retirement though retirement is not exclusively the only reason why people should make investments.

Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip May 15: Love Your Job: Rewarding Careers That Pay Back

Tweet Marketing manager In a marketing firm, people are constantly figuring coming up with new, innovative ideas and finding new trends in society. A marketing manager has a lot of


Why You Need to Setup an Emergency Savings Fund

The untrained eye may gauge the high disposable income in a population and surmise that the economy is doing just fine. That is before a study such as one conducted by the Fed Reserve in 2014 on Household Incomes and Decision making shatters that perception.