Weekly Tip Feb 07: Credit Card Use Decreasing?

<span>Weekly Tip Feb 07:</span> Credit Card Use Decreasing?
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    Consumer, media and market research firm Mintel recently confirmed what some analysts have been suspecting: America’s love affair with credit cards is on the decline.

    Instead, consumers are being a lot more careful with their spending, choosing to use a debit card to make many of their purchases.


But there is a way to manage credit card use. It is called budgeting your card spending use.

For example, say that you budget your monthly food expenses to $500 per month. You set that budget up using budgeting software or other online/mobile expense tracking. Now go ahead and use your card. Download your card transactions and deduct the amount from your food budget. This is the amount you can spend on food for the remaining month.

This method requires discipline; something many consumers don’t have. But the benefit of credit card use is the accumulation of awards in miles, travel points, rebates and even cash.

We have a complete demo that illustrates how to manage credit card use as you maximize awards.

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