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Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip Nov 13: Stock Up On Food?

Tweet You know the adage: “Too many dollars chasing too few goods” You might consider stocking up on food to have available to help you through these inflationary spikes: view

Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip Oct 16: More and More Credit Cards ???

Tweet Reason: Credit Card Debts Are Increasing So if your card is being axed, it’s time to look for a new card. Get More Information: about credit card use visit

Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip Sept 18: Credit Card Counseling – Where to Find It

Tweet You may have some idea about what steps you should pursue in order to repair your credit, but a qualified professional could be your best option to help you

Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip Sept 04: New Rights for Credit Card Holders

Tweet New rules designed to protect consumers are being rolled out in steps with full changes taking place in February 2010. What You Should Know Credit card issuers are required

Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip August 28: Consumer Complaints and How to Get Heard

Tweet Consumer angst has never been higher thanks to a  preponderance of retailers, a tough economy and slack customer service. Though the internet has opened up new fields of buying

Insurance Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip August 14: How to Keep Your Costs Low Following a Serious Car Accident

Tweet Fortunately, there are a number of ways to reduce the possibility of an increase in your insurance premium. In this article, we have curated a list of ways to

Product Reviews Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip August 07: Some 6 Factors to Consider when Buying Ladies Shoes

Tweet Before buying shoes keep in mind the following factors: The Occasion You have to keep in mind the place where the shoes are to be worn. Wedding shoes, work

Product Reviews Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip July 31: The 7 Secrets to Donning the Best South Indian Jewelry

Tweet Having been worn for over 5000 years, you can still look your best with jewelry if you keep in mind these long kept secrets: Know your preferred type of

Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip July 24: School on the Side: Finance Tips to Keep Your Education Affordable

Tweet At this pace, it’s understandable why so many of today’s generation have inadequate schooling before they are thrown into the real world for a career. Regardless, here are four

Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip Feb 21: Money Saving Tips: Auto Insurance

Tweet What You Should Do DO YOUR HOMEWORK — find out how some of the top cars rate in insurance costs before you buy. Call your insurance agent first to

Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip Feb 14: What To Do For Valentines?

Tweet Escapes You Can Afford on a Budget Lots of Americans who want an affordable vacation or honeymoon choose Mexico due to its proximity to the U.S.. The country’s close

Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip Feb 07: Credit Card Use Decreasing?

Tweet But there is a way to manage credit card use. It is called budgeting your card spending use. For example, say that you budget your monthly food expenses to

Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip Jan 31: High Bank Fees and What to Do …

Tweet One of the fees banks are imposing are overdraft fees. These fees can occur whenever you withdrawal money from a bank account that has insufficient funds – in other

Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip Jan 17: Pending Foreclosure? Take Action …

Tweet If you have fallen behind on your mortgage, then you know red flags are popping up everywhere. Sometimes falling behind a mortgage just can’t be avoided. The loss of

Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip Jan 10: Re-Establish Your Credit

Tweet With all of the holiday spending and past credit crunches, your credit may have taken a beating. Running your credit card to the maximum limit, making applications for consumer