Weekly Tip Apr 10: Think Wisely When Borrowing Money for College

<span>Weekly Tip Apr 10:</span> Think Wisely When Borrowing Money for College
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    By now, you’ve probably received your college’s financial aid package outlining costs for the upcoming fall semester.

    If you have the funds on hand to cover your college costs, then you’re in good shape.

    If not, then you’ll need to explore your borrowing options which typically involve taking out some sort of student loan.


The cost of college is rising each year. In some regions, the total cost is about 25-30% of the total family income.

What You Should Do?

Student loans, both public and private, are worth considering but borrowing too much money can mean that you’ll be saddled with a tremendous amount of debt. Clearly, the best approach is to minimize your borrowing so that your post-college debt can be eliminated as soon as possible later on.

The Price Of College Now Vs. 30 Years Ago

View our complete guide aid programs and options for college.

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