Five Degrees You’ll Get the Most Out Of

Five Degrees You’ll Get the Most Out Of
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    There seems to be a college degree for just about anything these days, but are all college degrees made the same?


Some disciplines may be admirable, some may be artistic, but not all of them will pay you back in income or success. A Bachelor’s degree in Art History may be something you love and excel at, but would you be able to find a steady, well-paying job in that field? The odds are sometimes against you. The following five degrees are the ones that will pay you back in both success and financial stability.


Everyone needs accounting on personal and commercial levels. Each and every person, and each and every business relies on accounting to make sure their finances are in order. Companies are leaning more and more toward individuals who have a firm understanding of math, balance sheets, and financial analysis to keep them in working order.

Computer Science

For obvious reasons, computer science is a field of study that is in high demand. With literally everything evolving into computer-based programming, computer science majors can expect to find a job just about anywhere they look. You will also usually be able to find work anywhere in the world. In the age of digital media, programers, and computer analysts will be needed all over the globe to help make work move swifter and keep up with industrialized society.

Health Care Studies

This is a broad and all-encompassing study that students can define further and specialize in. Doctors and nurses begin here, and of course we will always need both to stay in good health. Health care students and graduates will always be in need because more people are in need of health care on a more regular basis. These jobs are opening up not only in the United States but across the world as well.

Marketing and Research

Marketing is, much like accounting and computer science, one of those areas of studies that businesses need more and more of these days. Copy-writing will never disappear because words aren’t going anywhere, no matter how far we go into the world of computers. Marketing teams need copywriters to explain results and advertise products in an informative way. Research speaks for itself, as in today’s corporate environment, more information and facts are needed to support an operation.


Engineering is perhaps the most diverse and flexible of all five degrees mentioned here. Along with computer science, engineering is a field of study where jobs will always be available. The simple variety of engineering jobs is the biggest advantage, not to mention the opportunities for career advancement the degree will present in the future. Engineers are some of the most financially successful majors in the job market, and getting the schooling may seem daunting at first, but when researched, many different types of trade, skill schools, and engineering programs can be a stepping stone to a more advanced degree.

Of course, the breadth of degrees offered at most colleges and universities are much broader than these five degrees. But if you’re looking for degrees that offer the biggest opportunities for financial success, these are five places to start.

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