Driving While Intoxicated: DWI Attorney Representation

Driving While Intoxicated: DWI Attorney Representation
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    If you are pulled over and a police offers declares that you were driving while intoxicated (DWI), you can be arrested and placed in jail.


Laws against DWI vary from state to state, but you should know that most states consider it a misdemeanor and may require jail time, a fine, community service and sometimes vehicle impounding.

You know what you did was wrong, but you are still entitled to legal representation. Moreover, that legal representative should be an attorney experienced with handling DWI cases, a professional that can hear and defend your rights.

1. Your DWI attorney will listen. A DWI attorney representing you and your interests is there to hear your side of the story. He or she wants to uncover what happened and advise you on how to proceed with your case. You may be advised to avoid going to trial in a bid to resolve your case quickly and to your benefit.

2. Your DWI attorney will guide you. Because DWI laws are different from state to state, your attorney will advise you on what options are available. Within those options there may be a choice that works best for you. Your attorney will explain the consequences of each option to enable you to make an informed decision.

3. Your DWI attorney will look beyond the legal structure. DWI is a criminal act and as such will be defended accordingly. Your attorney, however, will look beyond the legal structure to discuss with you what other impact DWI will have on you personally. For instance, a conviction will likely result in a fine and your car insurance rate will rise. Moreover, the state’s Division of Motor Vehicle may pull your license, especially if you are facing a subsequent conviction. Without mass transit options, your life could be seriously affected.

DWI Attorney and Related Costs

If you’re fortunate, your attorney may arrange a guilty plea and charge you $250 to $500 for that service. But, with so much more at stake, you may need to retain your attorney to fight your case. This is where your costs will rise, but it can save you thousands of dollars in increased insurance rates, fines and other expenses if your attorney wins your case.

Other costs related to DWI include towing. If you are pulled over and fail your breathalyzer test, you will pay $100 to $200 or more to retrieve your vehicle. If you are jailed, you may need to pay hundreds of dollars for bail. If you lose your license, you will pay a reinstatement fee, costing perhaps $200 or more. These costs explain why most DWI charges are challenged.

Of course, the one sure way to avoid a headache that will make your hangover seem welcome in comparison is to never get behind the wheel of a car with alcohol in your body. If you want a drink, ride with someone who does not drink. If you both want to drink, then take a taxi, ride mass transit or simply stay home.

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Cathy Davis is a professional blogger that provides advice for criminal defense and DUI situations. She writes for Peter J. Binning, Attorney at Law which is a top DUI and criminal law firm in Columbus OH.


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