How Often Should The Average Person Visit The Dentist?

How Often Should The Average Person Visit The Dentist?
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    It's important to visit your dentist regularly because it's certainly advantageous to take care of something when it's small.

    As opposed to letting it go and then having to take care of something that's larger and more expensive.


Why is it important to visit the dentist regularly?

It’s important to visit your dentist regularly because it’s certainly advantageous to take care of something when it’s small. As opposed to letting it go and then having to take care of something that’s larger and more expensive.

It’s similar to taking care of your car – you know you can pay a little now or you can pay a lot later. Is there a need to do an oil change and a tune-up or is it necessary to rebuild the transmission?

You don’t have that peace of mind if you’re staying away from those that are here to help. Also, visiting a dentist for a basic cleaning isn’t particularly expensive. As opposed to putting off the necessary maintenance and then having to have several tooth extractions.

Recommended Frequency Of Dental Appointments

So how often does the average person need to visit the dentist? For most people, regular hygiene visits mean once every six months.

Regular visits mean that your oral health is maintained. And, if your oral health is maintained, the long-term costs that may eventually occur due to neglecting your oral health are kept to a minimum.

Now every six months is the usual period that the average person should have a visit with the dentist. But if the person has periodontal pockets which make it very difficult to get a toothbrush or floss in – then it’s recommended that they see a dentist more frequently, such as every three to four months.

Recommended Number of Dental Visits For The Average Person Within A Year:

  • Twice a year or once every six months for the average person in relatively good oral health
  • Four times a year or more for those who may be experiencing an oral health issue

Factoring In Existing Issues

Many people do suffer from some sort of oral health problem such as periodontal pockets, which were mentioned earlier in this report. And therefore are advised to visit the dentist more often than those who do not have such issues.

So scheduling an appointment to see the dentist more frequently is a very common and important practice for the overall well-being of one’s oral health.

For instance, a person who suffers from a very common issue such as having dental pockets must be made aware of the importance of getting in and disrupting the bacteria that settle at the bottom of the pocket. After three to four months, these pockets can become really destructive, and they start to cause further dental damage.

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So typically, six months would be recommended for a person with relatively healthy teeth. But for a person with more extensive problems, it’s advised that they have dental appointments more frequently, like every three to four months.

Based On The Person, The Number Of Visits Vary

Lastly, each individual has a unique dental health profile. So it is good to remember that depending upon the oral health of the person, a dentist may recommend more or fewer visitations. This is based upon the unique needs of that particular person.

Be sure to work closely with your dentist so that you maintain the best oral health possible. Share this report so that others may discover the importance of seeing their dentist on a regular basis.

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