How to Balance Your Motherhood and Fitness

How to Balance Your Motherhood and Fitness
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    Being a mother is a noble, selfless and sometimes thankless job but it is also immensely rewarding.

    You get to watch and help your children grow and develop into strong, capable, kind and dependable individuals.


Unfortunately, it’s easy to lose yourself in soccer mom duties and dance recitals and very soon you start to skip your workouts and neglect your fitness. This can severely impact your health later on in life and it also sets a bad example for your kids.

Balancing motherhood and fitness can be challenging but with the right approach and tools, it can be easier than you think. 

Ways To Balance Motherhood and Fitness

  • Prioritize your fitness

    Spend some time in introspection and understand your emotions and what causes them. Many moms feel that taking time for themselves means depriving their children of their love and attention.

    If you continue down this path, guilt will start to govern all your decisions and prevent you from enjoying a healthy balance between motherhood and self-development. Understand the importance of preserving your health and prioritizing your fitness.

    Remind yourself that prioritising your health is not selfish and that being fit will allow you to chase after your toddlers or enjoy dance video games with your teens. Creating the right mind-set is the first step towards a fit, healthy and happy life.

  • Get moving

    In high school, we learned Newton’s first law of motion – an object at rest or motion stays that way unless acted upon by an external force.

    This physics concept also applies to us in our daily lives where we find it difficult to get off the couch but once we’ve started our workout, we can keep going.

    There will be plenty of legitimate reasons to skip your workout from caring for a colicky baby to a hectic workday but even a short workout will make you feel energized, fit and capable.

    If you haven’t exercised in a few months or even years, start with light 10-minute workout. Do this every single day until it becomes part of your daily routine.

    This simple step will help you get moving so that you can slowly transition to more challenging exercises.

  • Schedule workouts but embrace flexibility

    Even if you are a working mum, schedule your workouts for the morning as you are more likely to succeed. If you schedule your workouts for the evening or night, you are more likely to encounter obstacles that can side-line your plans. Furthermore, an early morning workout will get you energized and ready to face your day with a positive mind-set.

    Creating a workout schedule will go a long way in helping you achieve your fitness goals but life is full of surprises so learn to be flexible when required. If you need to skip your regular morning workout, schedule a short workout in the evening so that you can get your daily exercise without getting fatigued.

  • Set Goals And Measure Your Progress

    It’s easy to say that your aim is to get fit and focus on your health but the only way to make sure that you stay on track is to keep yourself accountable. Set daily goals and measure your progress which will also help you stay motivated.

    If you’re just getting started, make sure that you set small goals that are easily achievable – it can even be as simple as a 5-minute walk each morning. After a couple of weeks, you can increase the duration of your walk or you can brisk walk instead to increase the intensity of your exercise. Keep tweaking your goals and use a fitness app or a notebook to keep a track of your progress.

  • Make Fitness Part Of Your Parenting Approach

    Obesity now affects 20% of children and adolescents in the United States which is why it is important to make fitness part of your parenting approach. Studies show that kids are less likely to be sedentary if their parents are active.

    There are plenty of ways to encourage your kids to stay fit, from educating them on the importance of exercise to planning family fitness activities. Dance sessions at home, family soccer games and weekend hiking trips are excellent ways to encourage your kids to stay fit and healthy. You can even have daily workout sessions together as this is also a healthy way to strengthen family bonds.

other valuable tips:

It’s never too early to figure out ways to balance motherhood and fitness, you can even start before your baby is born! Calculate your due date and decide on when you would like to start your post-natal workouts.

If you were active during your pregnancy and had an uncomplicated vaginal delivery, you might be able to start light exercises within a week. Discuss your workout plans with your doctor to make sure that there is no risk of overexertion.

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