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Small Business

Human Resources: Employee Rights

As a small business operator, you may be so busy running your business that you forget that your employees have certain expectations and rights that go beyond their job description.

Consumer Tips

How to Get Out of a Rental Lease Early

Tenants commit to an apartment, typically by signing a lease for a one-year term. You are obligated to continuing to pay rent until the lease is up when either you or your landlord may renew it, cancel it, or allow it to go to month-to-month terms.

Consumer Tips

A Criminal Defense Attorney Discusses Bail Evaluations

Getting arrested can be a scary situation. Having an understanding of what happens after an arrest will help calm anxiety and give you some direction.

Health Tips

Driving While Intoxicated: DWI Attorney Representation

If you are pulled over and a police offers declares that you were driving while intoxicated (DWI), you can be arrested and placed in jail.


Get Protected: What Types of Insurance do You Need?

Deciding what types of insurance you need can be both confusing and frustrating. The types of insurance that you need depend greatly upon your life situation.