Crossword Puzzles: A Perfect Brain Teaser to Make Your Brain Smarter

Crossword Puzzles: A Perfect Brain Teaser to Make Your Brain Smarter
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    Gone are the days when crossword puzzles were only a medium to kill time on a lazy Sunday morning with coffee in your hand and nothing on your mind.

    Numerous recent studies suggest that crossword puzzles are the perfect food for human brains, making them healthier and smarter.


To find out more about this brainy piece of entertainment, please keep reading.

1. Improve your problem-solving skills.

Thinking deeply about the problems gives you enough clarity and lands you in a more favorable position, whether it is in the case of a crossword puzzle or your life issues.

For a better understanding, let’s put it this way- When you solve a crossword puzzle, especially a hard one, you put in a lot of focus and effort. When this series of hard work is rewarded with a victorious result, it fills you with a sense of accomplishment, and you feel positive and confident. This enthusiasm later helps you tackle any present or approaching issues in life, with equal confidence and focus.

According to a research held at the Florida State University in the US, the cognitive training for older adults has benefits that can last as long as ten years.

The researchers recommended that older adults try their hands on any brain-consuming activity, such as crossword puzzles.

2. Build better focus and concentration.

Solving crossword puzzles is an efficient and productive way to pass the time. Moreover, the kind of focus and concentration one needs to solve crossword puzzles can prove to be helpful for the person while dealing with other things too. Crossword puzzles demand undivided attention and a dedicated immersion.

And there is no rocket science behind the understanding that when you set an unruffled mind on something, it gives you a break from everything else going on in your life.

This also makes it easier for you to forget about your problems for some time and relax and enjoy while employing your mind into something creative and phrenic.

3. It Encourages bonding.

The mention of bonding reminds me of the time when, as kids, we used to go to our grandparent’s house for summer breaks. As a daily morning ritual, my grandfather used to divide all us cousins into groups of two and give one crossword puzzle each. While competing with the other group for a faster solution, we never realized how closely knitted we all felt within that group.

To encourage participation in totality, we would extend our support to those who felt shy and incompetent. We would often take help from crossword solution 911 and tease the losers when we won.

We witnessed how it improved the speed of our thinking process. To think of it, those were the times when we all learned the significance of the teamwork that consequently strengthened our interpersonal bonding.

4. It Enhances your vocabulary.

Well, this one doesn’t need any evidence since its self-explanatory that while solving crossword puzzles, your mind runs two times faster than usual. This, consequently, makes you go through new words. Repeating these words for at least twice or thrice, allows you to make a mental note of that word, in a way that is stimulating enough for your memory threads. And with this, you successfully pour it on your vocabulary.

crossword puzzlesbrain stimulating games

As per a 2013 review of some previously published studies, mental games, such as crossword puzzles, are incredibly useful when it comes to preserving memory and cognitive functioning. It can even provide better efficacy than some medications as well. Hence proved, that crossword puzzles makes you learn new words, triggering your brain activity and making it finer.

5. It Can help avert Alzheimer’s.

Solving a crossword puzzle is synonymous with racking your brain. And when you provide this kind of exercise to your mind regularly, it becomes sharper and can prove to be helpful as you grow older. Findings, as presented by the University of Exeter Medical School and King’s College London, at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC) 2017 in London, state that people engaged in word puzzles, such as crosswords, experience a better brain function in their later life.

According to a study of 2011, 488 older men and women, who had dementia, were found to have experienced a slow decline in their memory, after doing crossword puzzles regularly. Also, as quoted by one researcher, Ann Lukits, for the Wall Street Journal, “Puzzles Boost Verbal Skills, Cut Dementia Risk”

Thus, a little dose, in regular terms, can help you a long way.

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6. Snap out of boredom.

There comes a time when all of us feel bored and lonely. Even if it is for a brief period, it never fails to bother us. So the next time you hit that spot, don’t let yourself give in and be a victim. Instead, spring into action and grab a newspaper and a pen and start solving this incredible cerebral sensation. I guarantee that by the time you reach the end of it, you will find yourself highly engrossed and entertained.

Final words

Numerous studies reveal that there is a positive relationship between crossword puzzles and better brain health. Research support the fact that various scientists believe there is more to this game than just being a fun hobby. If played regularly, it can prove to be quite beneficial for human brains. So take charge and feed your brains with some highbrow information.

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