How Music Helps To Stay Engaged During Lockdown

How Music Helps To Stay Engaged During Lockdown
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    More than 200 countries are now seriously affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Most of these areas have already set various social distancing guidelines to prevent the further spread of the novel coronavirus.


With these guidelines in place, social interactions and engagements have certainly become much more limited these days. Not to mention, stress, anxiety, and discomfort have become a lot more apparent to several people.

So, amid the lockdown due to the pandemic, how would one combat the stress and continue the engagement?

Music Amid Lockdown

While there are tons of ways that you can do during the lockdown, music is one of the best tools that you can utilize. As it happens, it can help fight stress and anxiety, plus, it can also help people to stay engaged.

With music, you can do a lot of things. While music lessons from experts and teachers may be very helpful in this situation, your options might be limited. Even so, you can still stay engaged even with your own efforts and ways.

Using Music To Stay Engaged

Here are some ways that you can do to stay engaged using music:

  • Choose Your Lockdown Playlist

    If you don’t know where to start, then it is best if you search for your playlist first. There are tons of music apps available, both in smartphones and laptops, that you can use to search for the playlists that will fit your taste.

    Whether it may be classical or pop, or even a playlist for your exercise routines, several types of genres and "mood" are already established in these platforms.

    In the case that you cannot find the best playlists for you, you can create your own through these platforms, as well.

    Just list down all your favorites and include them in a separate folder, and rename it using the words you find suitable for your list.

  • Learn To Play Musical Instruments

    Another way to stay engaged is to learn how to play an instrument. There are a lot of musical instruments that you can learn to play. In fact, even in your own home, you can find one or two instruments that have been unused for ages. You may take advantage of this free time of yours to pick it up and learn how to play them.

    Whether it is a piano, a guitar, or even a ukulele, you can utilize the internet to search for the right and easy way to learn these instruments.  

  • Practice A Tune

    Practicing a tune is another effective way to stay engaged amid the lockdown. Not only that this helps your cognitive skills and functions, but this also helps you in mental aspects.

    Practicing a tune or any track that you like does not necessarily need to be strict and stiff. When you hear a tune that you like, simply use your voice and try to practice it on your own to produce the same sound.

    Whether you sing it or hum to it, this will do. But, if you want to really practice and learn a track all throughout its entirety, then pay attention to your chosen tune and listen to it again and again.

  • Get Involved With Family

    While socialization is largely restricted and limited during this trying time, you can still remain engaged to the people inside your home. This is apparently the most important relationship that you should work on as they are the ones that should matter in your life – your family members.

    Using music to strengthen bonds with them is a great tool that you can use. You can all learn a song or two and practice with them. Or, you may also learn musical instruments together and just play jams that you can all participate in.

    In the end, whatever you and your family choose, this will certainly help you all stay engaged and decrease the apparent stress and anxiety inside the household.

  • Video Yourself (and Share It!)

    Social media is playing a crucial role in this difficult time. With the social distancing guidelines in place, everyone is asked to stay indoors. Students are off from school and employees are asked to work from home. So, this means that people now have more time to dwell on social media.

    You can take advantage of this by sharing your "milestones" in terms of music. You can record a video of you and your family singing together or playing instruments, then share it on your accounts.

    This way, not only you stay engaged with your family members, but you can also connect further with the outside world through the use of the online platform.

other valuable tips:
  • Enjoy and Have Fun

    When learning an instrument or practicing a tune, this should not become a source of stress and pressure in you. If it does, then, might as well stop and look for other things that you can do.

    Or, you may also check whether you are the one pressuring yourself. Remember, music is a fun and entertaining tool that you can take advantage of amid the COVID-19 lockdown. So, instead of pressuring yourself to learn songs immediately, try to relax and feel every beat, melody, and lyric of the music you listen to.

Final Thoughts

Music is a very powerful thing. It offers a lot of benefits and advantages that can help you holistically, and this trying and difficult time is no different than any other day when regarding music in your life. So, as much as possible, take the moment and start utilizing music in any way you can.

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