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Business Services

How to Find, Win New Customers

Every business should welcome new customers, the life blood of any successful enterprise.

Credit Management

Defining Credit Risk and How to Avoid Being Labeled As One

“Credit risk refers to the risk that a borrower will default on any type of debt by failing to make payments which it is obligated to do,” as defined by Wikipedia.


How to Reach Your Retirement Goals

Tweet If your health holds up, you may find that you’ll have 20 to 30 years of post-career time to live, with your income coming from funds you saved along

Property Taxes

Pros & Cons of Property Tax Appeals

Due to plummeting home prices, many people are paying more property taxes than they should. Your local assessor’s office is happy to keep collecting taxes based on the prior assessed value of your home.


About Personal Cash Advance Loans

Personal cash advance loans are for consumers who need quick cash and do not have the time to visit their bank for a loan that could take days to be approved. In many cases, such loans are popular with people whose rent is due the next day or are in need of responding to some sort of emergency right away.

College Planning

Getting Ready for University – Your Capsule Wardrobe

Getting ready to start university but still have no idea what you need to fill that new student wardrobe?

Credit Management

Credit Repair Attorney Considerations

You are in a heap of financial trouble and there is clearly no easy way out. One option is to file for personal bankruptcy, but this will leave your credit trashed and your good name tarnished.

Product Reviews

Is an Ultrabook Worth the Money?

The last several years have seen more and more PC manufacturers releasing their first and second generation ultrabook models.

Consumer Tips

Wedding Insurance for Event Liability

When you hear the term “wedding insurance” you may think that it refers to enjoying a successful marriage. Although we would love for couples to have such coverage, it is between the man and the woman to make their marriage a success.

Home Tips

Top 5 Ways to Make Your Student House a Home

Tweet OK, perhaps that’s all a little stereotypical. What you’ll generally find is a not unpleasant but pretty soulless standard-issue Ikea pad. Not a bad base to work from, it

Business Services

How to Develop the Best Negotiation Skills?

Getting the right workshop on negotiation skill is very important for you. It is therefore important for you to get hold of the best one for you.

Small Business

7 Small Business Hiring Strategies

Your business is in need of a new individual to step in and assume a specific position and that means you are going to embark on a hiring process that will take weeks if not months to complete.

Tax Tips

2013 U.S. Tax Changes that May Need Your Attention

The arrival of New Year brings new laws and regulations with it. Tax is one such field that witnesses new rules and regulations every year.

Small Business

7 Smart Legal Tips for Selling Your Business

Tweet Before you begin the steps to sell your business, speak with your attorney and accountant to determine what loose ends you may need to tie up first. Both professionals