Your Bad Credit and How to Make Repairs

Your Bad Credit and How to Make Repairs
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    If your credit reports are bad, then you know that the information contained within each one can keep you from obtaining new credit, or from getting the utilities at your new apartment turned on, or even cause you to lose out on employment.


Perhaps the information contained in the credit report is correct, but it is outdated or perhaps it is simply wrong. In any case, bad credit report repair is remedy you must pursue. Can it be done? Yes, and with a little bit of knowledge and plenty of dedication on your part, you can begin to fix your bad credit reports today.

Fixing Your Credit

Bad credit report repair begins with you obtaining the latest copies of your three credit reports and examining these closely. This information is available to you for free by visiting

Line by line you need to read what creditors are saying about you and by verifying that information. Some of the information may be partly correct including an outstanding debt, but the late payments or the charge backs are not correct. In this situation you will want to make certain that every amount of information contained in your credit reports is 100 percent accurate.

Pointing Out Errors

Consumer activists have revealed to us down the years that credit reports often include mistakes. Many of these errors are quite small but egregious mistakes are sometimes made. These can include a wrong account number listed on your report; an incorrect Social Security Number assigned to you; wrong information about a current debt; and expired information that should have been removed.

Most of report errors can be handled by you and can often be resolved by sending a letter to the credit reporting bureau. By law, credit bureaus are given 30 days to respond to your query.

However, if no written response is offered to you, then the bureau must automatically strike those details from your credit report. Moreover, you can request from the bureau to send revised copies of your credit report to everyone who has asked for your credit report in the past six months.

Possible Legal Recourse

Should the errors contained within your credit reports appear defamatory, you may be able to seek legal recourse if provable damage can be shown. Perhaps information was listed which was not true and caused you to be denied employment.

If the credit reporting agency neglected to respond to your earlier demands for the information to be removed, you could sue them for damages. Again, you must demonstrate negligence on the bureau’s part — a dedicated credit repair attorney can assist you in this endeavor.

Lastly, if you once declared personal bankruptcy, bad credit report repair can be started soon after. You probably will not see noticeable results for the first year, but what you can do is make certain that the information about you is correct and current. Begin today to make repairs and you will soon be on the way to an effective and lasting solution for your credit problems.

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