A Success Building BLOG (part V.a)

A Success Building BLOG (part V.a)


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Discipline for Success:

The Second Ingredient

“There is no substitute for hard work . . . Genius is one per cent inspiration and ninety-nine per cent perspiration”.
Thomas Alva Edison

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So Let’s Get Success

Now that you have defined your objective in life, identified and prioritized the goals that will achieve the objective, and planned the benchmarks that will accomplish each goal, you are ready to travel the road to success. Right? Perhaps if your path is less traveled by others who seek the same objective. But if you are like most people, your road to success will be littered with potholes of physical and mental anguish. Success requires discipline if you are to overcome the “potholes” that can hinder each traveled mile.

Discipline is the second ingredient for success. It’s the physical and mental action that performs the tasks outlined in your plan. We increase discipline by overcoming the impediments that hinder our progress and building up the attributes that makeup our character.

Take Dave Mansfield, for example. His road to the Presidency was littered with potholes that obstructed his every step. One large ‘pothole’ was his lack of leadership skills and self-confidence. Dave failed to command initiatives and programs when around other aspiring politicians with strong personalities. He cowered before others who displayed greater skills. He became part of a group that attracted mean-spirited people who would rip apart others whose goals conflict with theirs. Dave lacked the inner skills and discipline to combat criticism. Character flaws such as these became impediments to his successful completion of his goals and ambitions.

Character Impediments

Impediments are character weaknesses — both physical and mental. We all have weaknesses; we may be physically weak, socially shy, or lack the aptitude for certain tasks. Many impediments develop early in our lives and define our character and personality. You will need to overcome these impediments to successfully achieve the goals that you want.

Impediments can be found in any one of our five distinct character attributes. We have two physical attributes (physical and physical temperance), two mental attributes (education and social), and one spiritual attribute. We increase discipline by developing and strengthening each attribute. As we become more physically, mentally, and spiritually stronger, we likewise become more self-confident. We begin to witness positive changes in our character that gives us the inner will power to succeed.

You may be required to make a character change when attempting certain goals. Many of us fail to take this in consideration when we plan to conquer a personal feat. We set a goal or a year-end resolution, perform some preliminary planning, and then jump into the tasks that will supposedly achieve success. But reality is harsh. We become discouraged, angered, frustrated, and despondent when success becomes less certain. Our expectations fail and we often quit.

We fail to achieve our goals because we are undertaking tasks that require a change of character or personality. We may resist changes to our character because we feel uncomfortable when we try to force ourself to do something that is opposite of who we are.

Who Are You?

Let’s say that you want to become a television personality star. Imagine how difficult it would be to accomplish this goal if you were socially shy or socially weak. Shyness thus becomes a social impediment and character weakness. Unless you change that part of your character and strengthen it — which will take considerable effort — you will most likely fail to achieve your lifetime goal. You need to ask these questions:

  • Who am I physically . . . educationally . . . socially . . . and spiritually?
  • Do I like being the person I am?
  • Are there any character attributes that I would like to change and strengthen?
  • Do I have a character weakness that will keep me from completing my goals?

A personal assessment of your character and personality will help you understand what part of your character that needs to be changed, enhanced and strengthened (see below). The more you shape your character to resemble the person you want to become, the more successful you will be in the achievement of your goals.


Next time, we’ll continue our discussion on discipline and the need to build a well-rounded character. In the meantime, complete the assessment sheet (pdf file) and have it ready for next week.

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