A Success Building BLOG (part III.c)

A Success Building BLOG (part III.c)


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The Justwyn Model

for Planning, Discipline, and Execution

“Nobody has ever expected me to be President.”
Abraham Lincoln

Part III:c (continuation from Part III:b)


Think of your goal model as a building process for a pyramid. You might lay down three stones on the foundation for the first layer in the pyramid, and then construct a second layer with two stones, and a third layer with one stone. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to construct any more layers further up the pyramid until you return and lay the required stones on the bottom layers. The same argument is true for goal planning. It will be to your advantage to complete goals in successive layers.


The number of goals identified and placed in a model varies with the complexity of the objective. Your planning model may contain any number up to a maximum of fourteen goals depending on the kind of plan that you write. If you identify less than fourteen goals that will achieve your objective, allocate two or more positions in the model as will be illustrated later. If you identify more than fourteen goals, combine one or more goals together so that you maximize the goals at fourteen. We will discuss these and other planning concepts in another BLOG posting.


The final section of the model is the foundation, probably the most important section. Pyramids will crumble without a solid foundation. The foundation in the Justwyn Model is the discipline that executes the action that will achieve the goals. Discipline can be referred by the simple statement “. . . do it.”

Discipline is comprised of five equally important attributes: the physical, physical temperance, education, social, and spiritual. Each attribute carries equal weight. We increase our discipline by controlling the physical and mental weaknesses that hinder our progress to a goal and self-fulfillment.


The foundation is ever supporting and remains intact throughout your entire progress to an objective. If we fail to maintain discipline, the entire structure (plan) may come tumbling down. We may change or replace our goals . . . similar to a pyramid when we replace a defective stone with another stone. The foundation of the model, however, never changes.

The five attributes that make up discipline represent our unique character. Each of us is comprised of physical, educational, social, and spiritual characteristics. An character impediment refers to a weakness, or a low perception of oneself, that we inherit or develop in life.

These impediments can hinder our progress to a goal and personal happiness. For example, if you lack the desire to read, you can imagine the difficulty in completing the goal of higher education. Poor reading skills then become an educational impediment that you must overcome if you expect to achieve the various educational goals in your model. Likewise, if you lack self-esteem, you will find it difficult to achieve tasks that take you outside of your inner self. The social impediment, low self-esteem, will need to be changed into a social strength of high self-esteem.

Character impediments can pop into our lives at any time. Sometimes we discover a character impediment later in life when we pursue goals that our new to us . . . such as adjusting socially to college life. Overcoming these weaknesses builds the discipline that accomplishes our goals.

Think of character building as physical, educational, social, and spiritual exercise. You will exercise each character attribute to become physically, educationally, socially, and spiritually stronger. Strengthening each character attribute increases your discipline and self-motivation, thus helping you achieve success and self-fulfillment.

Next time, we will conclude our discussion on the Justwyn model with an illustration how to design a similar model using a simple goal.

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