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Execute Success: The Evaluation Process

I saw a fleet of fishing boats . . . I flew down almost touching the craft and yelled at them, asking if I was on the right road to Ireland. They just stared. Maybe they didn’t hear me. Maybe I didn’t hear them. Or maybe they thought I was just a crazy fool. An hour later I saw land.
Charles Lindbergh

The steps outlined in these next postings will measure your progress on a daily, weekly and phase-to-phase basis. We have segmented the postings into the following discussions:

I: Daily Task Measurement.
II: Weekly Goal and Benchmark Evaluation
III: Weekly Role Evaluation
IV: Daily Character Attribute Evaluation
V: Weekly Character Attribute Evaluation
VI: Life Phase Evaluation
VII: Starting a New Life Phase
VIII: Objective and Goal Evaluation

VII: Starting a New Life Phase

You will begin a new life phase for two reasons:

a) When circumstances in your life require that you shift direction and pursue other goals.

Certain changes in your life may force you to end your current life phase and begin a new one. Changes such as a new career, marriage, transfer to a new location, etc., will require new goals and perhaps a different goal plan. This will be an appropriate time to begin a new life phase.

Some changes in your life can be dramatic like a divorce, a death in the family or a loss of job. This can be upsetting where you lack the enthusiasm to pursue your goals. This is understandable. Your best option under these circumstances is to begin a new life phase and select some special goals and benchmarks that can help you through this time.

Beginning a new life phase is easy. Simply follow the steps outlined in Chapter 12. The next phase will begin with n+1 ( n equals the number of your current phase that is ending). Assign 2-5 years to the n+1 phase. Select the goal(s) with their respective benchmarks that you want to achieve or continue for the next phase. Identify the tasks that will achieve the benchmarks with assigned completion dates.

b) When your current phase ends, or when you achieve all of the benchmarks and goals selected for the current phase.

You will begin a new life phase when your current phase ends. It’s a great feeling to complete a phase, especially when you achieved all of the goals/benchmarks assigned for this phase. You are achieving success . . . one phase at a time.

As you end one life phase and begin another, simply repeat the steps outlined in Chapter 12 for beginning a life phase. Consider working and accomplishing more goals and benchmarks in the next phase to inch yourself closer to the objective — if you have the confidence and strength to accomplish more.

Sometimes a life phase will end without your achieving all the goals and benchmarks assigned for this phase; e.g., you didn’t get accepted to graduate school or you failed to win that special promotion. You might want to extend your current life phase for additional year or two to complete the goals/benchmarks that were unfinished.

Next week: we move onto VIII: Objective and Goal Evaluation

You can find the day planning systems we are illustrating in this discussion in our FREE appendix file (Appendix as Form-N and Forms O.1-O.7 ).

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