A Success Building BLOG (part VI.g)

A Success Building BLOG (part VI.g)


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Discipline to Success:

The Components of Well-Roundness

So they committed themselves to the will of God and resolved to proceed.
William Bradford of Plymouth Plantation, 1620.

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Last week:

We placed all five character attributes in the model to compare total energy and total impact on motivation (the structure forms an inverse pyramid). The model answers the question which character attribute to develop first.


You begin with the physical attribute because it requires less x(n)-units of total energy but returns the most y(n)-units of motivation and self-confidence. You can then use your increase motivation and self-confidence to shape the other character attributes. We continue our discussion here.

Q: Won’t energy and motivation levels differ among people?

The numbers and energy levels presented in the model are examples. Time and energy will vary among people and can change frequently under different circumstances. What the model illustrates, however, is the total time and energy to develop and strengthen the physical attribute is generally less than the other four attributes.

Once you complete your physical exercise for the day, for example, it’s over. There is no more action required until the next day. The education, social and spiritual attributes, on the other hand, may require continuous action from you all day depending on the kind of development that you are making.

Character changes that require more total energy are harder to achieve than character changes that require less total energy. That is why you should develop first those character attributes that require less total energy. This will differ among people. Some of us are more socially inclined and may find that developing our social attribute requires less total energy than developing our physical attribute. But if you are unsure of your strengths, I suggest you develop and shape your physical character first before developing the other character attributes.


The required energy to make a physical change, both internal and external, is less than the other four attributes. Energy is the force that plans the jogging schedule, the force that wakes you each morning, and the force that moves your legs down the jogging track. And at the completion of each run, you become motivated by your action. Motivation becomes the force that prompts you out of bed each morning. It’s the force that encourages you each day to complete your physical development goal.

Motivation increases as you notice a positive physical change. Motivation propels you to greater speeds. You begin to build self-confidence. Increased self-confidence translates into increased physical discipline. Motivation, self-confidence, and increased physical discipline work together to give you the strength to shape your other character attributes and to achieve your goals for success.


Q: How would you summarize the concepts in this chapter?

Discipline is the foundation of all goal planning. Without discipline, your goals will never get accomplished. You can increase self-discipline by overcoming your character weaknesses and strengthening the five attributes that make up your character.

The five character attributes include our physical, physical temperance, education, social and spiritual attributes. Some of us may be strong in one or two of these attributes but weak in others. This makes us awkwardly shaped.

Awkwardly shaped characters have a more difficult time achieving their goals. Rounding your character will help you accomplish your goals more efficiently by increasing your self-discipline. You can round your character by developing and strengthening each attribute — much like shaping a saucer on a potter’s wheel.

You begin rounding your character by strengthening one character attribute at a time. The key to this development is to select a character attribute that requires the least amount of energy to achieve, but impacts in greater proportion your motivation. The physical attribute requires less total energy and impacts motivation at greater levels than any of the other four attributes. The physical attribute becomes the first character attribute to develop and is the subject of our discussion in the next posting.

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