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Execute Success: The Third Ingredient to Success

Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory there is no survival. Sir Winston Churchhill

continuation from BLOG posting: benchmark planning

Executing Your Plan

The execution phase brings together the planning and discipline concepts from the last postings and pieces together a strategy for time management and execution of your tasks. Our discussion continues:

Section II: Planning and Recording Daily Activities

For this discussion and illustration of the daily planning process, I will use the day planning system illustrated below. You can find this day planning system in the (Appendix as Form-N and Forms O.1-O.7 ). You are invited to copy these forms if they work for you.

Note: The Appendix also contains a task planning system as Forms P.1-P.7. You can use these forms if you like.

Step 4:
After you complete the scheduling and task assignment for the entire week, review your sheet for accuracy. Make sure you allocated enough time to complete all of the respective tasks. You may note some lapses in your schedule. This is good. You can keep these times open to catch up on tasks uncompleted earlier in the week. We will discuss daily task evaluation in another posting.

You might be more accustomed to day-to-day planning rather than scheduling your entire week. You will note that scheduling the entire week as instructed will help you manage your time more efficiently. You will get a macro view of your week and plan accordingly so that you are in control of your activities instead of the activities controlling you.

You may question whether you can complete the schedule as indicated. Maybe not at first. But don’t become discouraged. It will take several weekly planning sessions before you become efficient. After a few weeks, you will be able to schedule time that fits within your capacity to complete assigned tasks.

Step 5:
Take the Weekly Assignment Sheet and transpose the scheduling and task assignments to your day planner if you haven’t already done so (as diagrammed by the letters in the illustration using Appendix Forms O.1-O.7). The following illustration shows an example for Monday planning.

As I indicated earlier, you may schedule your tasks and appointments directly to your day planner instead of using the Scheduling Worksheet. This will save you from having to transpose the information. I used the Scheduling Worksheet to demonstrate weekly scheduling. I invite you to use the worksheet if you find it helpful.

Step 6:
Your day planner is now your official calendar for the entire week. Everything required for the week has been scheduled and planned. If other events come up, you will simply manage them accordingly by scheduling these events for the next week or juggling your current schedule as appropriate. We will discuss these concepts later.

As you complete each task and appointment, simply check it off on your day planner. Also indicate whether you completed your character development goal for the day.

If you are using a day planning system other than Appendix Forms used in this illustration, you will need a Character Attribute Evaluation Sheet to record your character development progress. You can find this sheet in the appendix-Form Q. You can use the form and assemble it as part of your weekly reference kit described in the next step.

Step 7:
Assemble your weekly planning sheets into a neatly assembled weekly reference kit. You will refer to this kit regularly throughout the week as necessary. You will also use it to schedule tasks for next week.

Next week, we will review goal evaluation.
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