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A Child’s Bedroom: Imagine The Possibilities!

Tweet A child’s bedroom can be a disaster area or it can be well organized with everything put in its place. Our children’s bedrooms are smack in the middle of

Home Improvement

So Many Choices When Renovating Your Bathroom

Tweet Professionals who understand home values will often say that there are two areas in a home which are most important to people: kitchens and bathrooms. This is made known

Home Improvement Home Selling

Getting Your Home Ready To Sell

Tweet Homeowners who are preparing to put their houses on the market are understandably nervous these days. Will a buyer be found? Will they be approved for a mortgage? This

Home Building

Deck The Walls And Your Ceilings Too!

Tweet This article is part of our ongoing home construction specification plan series. Assembling a Home Construction Specification Plan — Spec Plan L: Walls and Ceilings Although the foundation, framing,