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How To Properly Prepare a Construction Site

Setting up a construction site requires a bit more detailed work than many realize. Here are some things you must do to prepare the area properly.

Home Building

The Importance of Building Surveying Services

Building surveying services are a crucial form of professional assistance for anyone looking to understand and make decisions about an existing or ongoing construction project.

Home Building

5 Services You Need Before You Break Ground on a New House

If you’re building a new house, there are a few services that you need to have in order before the construction begins. From finding the right contractor to ensuring that your home is up to code, these five services will set you up for success.

Home Building

Custom Build FAQs: Which Experts Do You Need on Your Team?

Looking for the home of your dreams? What if you built that home instead? Having a home custom-built is the only way to make sure every single detail of a home is just right for you, from the very start.

Home Building

How to Build a Home from the Bottom up without Breaking the Bank

Tweet Fortunately, there are several tips that can be followed that could help you to save money when you are trying to build a new construction home. Follow the Right

Home Building

Money Saving with Real Estate

Money saving with real estate could sound like a dichotomy. Developing or owning real estate is money intensive and demands considerable investment in terms of time also.

Home Building

How to Save Money on Building a New Home in 2015

Even if you have the money, the cost of building a new home can seem daunting. There are so many fees associated that you don’t know where to start or what to pay and it may seem like you were out of your head trying to get it all figured out.

Home Building

How to Help Your Home Build Go Smoothly

Building a home is exciting and character building at the same time.

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Forget The New Home: Short Sale Deals Reign Supreme

Tweet Home buyers who are interested in new construction may want to skip the second and third stage homes in their favorite housing development. That’s because houses built a year

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Housing Market Pummelled Once Again In January 2009

Tweet After a decent performance in some markets in December, the national housing market got slapped around in January as resales slipped by 5.3%. Resales include only sales of existing

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How To Hire A Home Contractor

Tweet Your Home Remodeling Contractor If you’re planning to have any sort of renovation done to your home, whether that means rewiring the house, adding a family room, or replacing

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Hurricane Recovery: Taking Action!

Tweet Our article yesterday covered the steps necessary for the homeowner to take when an approaching hurricane requires evacuation or at least preparation to hunker down and ride out the

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Steps To Finding A Quality Home Contractor

Tweet Whether you’re remodeling your current home or building a new house, the people who will be doing the work must be skilled and in most cases licensed to take

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Home Improvement — For The Laundry Room?!

Tweet Just before my neighbor placed her house on the market last Spring, she had a contractor come in to make several updates. Among the items replaced were her worn

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Choosing Your Home’s New Roof

Tweet Unless you move on a fairly regular basis, at some point you’ll have to replace your home’s roof at least once. A roof that does its job well is