A Child’s Bedroom: Imagine The Possibilities!

A Child’s Bedroom: Imagine The Possibilities!


A child’s bedroom can be a disaster area or it can be well organized with everything put in its place. Our children’s bedrooms are smack in the middle of those two extremes – not too organized that they can’t enjoy their rooms, but not a disaster either. My wife and I believe that our children should enjoy what belongs to them while learning to take care of everything they own too.

car bedWe’ve also had our share of laughs when people have discussed how much time and investment they have put into making their child’s room a showcase. Although full color animal murals can look great and matching furniture is nice, we have found that our kids love to express themselves in their own ways.

Among the ideas we’ve put into place are as follows:

Stars on the ceiling – Glow in the dark stars are a lot of fun and they aren’t expensive. We know that these can be painted in place, but we’ve done just fine with a kit found at the local craft store. These types of kits are easy to put in place and just as easy to remove. They’ll stick hard enough to stay put but they can easily be peeled off without damaging the ceiling.

Fun on the walls – No portraits, photos or other formal looking stuff goes on our walls. Instead, our boys can post their favorite pictures, Star Wars posters or whatever they want. Yes, their walls can get quite cluttered but since they are both artists at heart, they’ll be able to view their artwork whenever they want. Once they pull everything off of their walls, we’ll have to repaint, but that’ll be a small price to pay for kid decor a/k/a wall candy art.

Bunk beds, of course – Whether you have one child to a room or two, bunk beds (bunks) make excellent use of a room. You’ll want to invest in a solid oak set that will endure for years to come, use the space underneath the bunk bed to organize unused items in heavy duty storage boxes too.

Bureaus and nightstands – For some reason, a chest of drawers can be the most expensive item in the bedroom, even pricier than a twin bed with a mattress. We’ve outfitted several bedrooms with garage sale finds, gently used bureaus, nightstands and tables that look great and should last very long.

Well organized closets – The one area of the room that has to stay well organized is their closet space. Their closets are small, so we make good use of hangars, shelving and storage bins. Our next project is to update everything with closet organizers, a great way to make the most of a limited amount of room.

Of course, you’ll have your own design ideas when it comes to outfitting your child’s room, smart stuff that can help give your son and daughter make the best use of their personal living area.

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