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Roth IRA: Retirement Planning Essentials

Considering your retirement needs, are you well situated for your golden years? A lot of us are not, quite frankly.

Business Management

Why Paying a Salary Is a Sensible Approach

Employee compensation includes pay, money that is offered by hourly wage or through a salary. Many companies use both pay methods, providing hourly compensation for most workers and a fixed salary for managers and certain exempt employees.

Small Business

How to Determine an Employee’s Salary

If you are planning to hire a new employee, especially one for a newly created position, determining salary can be one of your biggest challenges.

Money Management

5 Ways to Maximize Your Worth

Tweet How to make more money all career long. Your Worth Besides doing what you love, getting paid what you’re worth is important. Start off with a low salary and

Business Services

Small Business Costs: Employee Benefits

Tweet Even before an employee begins her first day of work, she has already cost your company some money. Recruiting expenses including newspaper and on-line ads, agency fees and background