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Why You Should Never Use Your 401(K) for a Home Purchase?

Everyone hopes to one day own their dream home, but some want it so badly that they are willing to use their 401(k) for a down payment.

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Different Ways You Can Save for Retirement if You are Self Employed

Being self-employed gives you a certain degree of freedom but it shouldn’t give you a reason not to save for retirement. Since you don’t have the benefit of an employer helping you save for retirement, you need to do most of the legwork yourself.

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Retirement Saving Guideline for Over 55s

Roughly a year ago in September 2016, the Financial Times reported that the USA is heading towards a pensions’ crisis. The report indicated that approximately 45% of working-age households were without retirement funding.

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How Single Women Should Think About Saving for Retirement

More and more, women are delaying marriage and many women are deciding to forego it altogether.

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5 Retirement Saving Tips For When You’re in Your 40’s

Three out of four individuals are said to have a solid retirement saving plan by the time they hit their 40’s. They understand that they are getting to their peak years and they should employ the lessons they learned on long-range saving goals.

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How to Start Retirement Planning After Making Your First Pay

The thought of spending more hours thinking about how to make two ends meet is scary indeed. But retirement need not be so terrifying. Here are a few simple steps that have been followed by those who are not homeless.

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Planning for a Better Life After Retirement? Start Now

Retirement is a time when an individual stops employment completely. However, semi-retirement (reducing work hours) is still an option.

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Surviving When You Have No Retirement Savings

Many retirees have some kind of savings that were accumulated over the years; but for low income workers, they may retire with little or no savings, leaving them to rely mainly on Social Security benefits and financial help from loved ones.


Tips for Ensuring Your Retirement Fund Doesn’t Expire Before You Do

When it comes time to retire, no one wants to worry about their finances as they make the transition to a fixed income.