Planning for a Better Life After Retirement? Start Now

Planning for a Better Life After Retirement? Start Now
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    Retirement is a time when an individual stops employment completely. However, semi-retirement (reducing work hours) is still an option.



Most individuals opt to retire when they are qualified for public or private pension benefits. However, some involuntarily retire due to poor physical conditions like illness or accidents, or even because of legislation with regard to their position.

Planning how to financially achieve what you want during retirement is among one of the best presents you can offer yourself. Otherwise, if you don’t properly plan and exyour retirement will be the beginning of a stressful life and short days of living. Here are some tips on how to plan for a successful retirement:

Preparing for Retirement

Plan to make some income from the moment you retire by researching your income and setting a strategy. You can choose annuities, RRIFs, as well as unsheltered savings.

With annuities, you can decide to convert your savings to guaranteed monthly income. The income will never change regardless of what happens to the markets.

For a term certain income annuity, you may select a life annuity that has a monthly income until you die or monthly income for a number of years.

With RRSF, your savings will grow without being taxed. However, you can only withdraw a limited amount per annum and these are fully taxed.

Government Benefits

They are modest, however they can be very supportive during retirement. Apply for them early so that you can receive them in time.

Clear debts before retirement

Using your retirement income to pay off your debts is disastrous. It is important to pay them off before you even retire. Ensure that you are paying the very lowest interest rates available in the market. Avoid borrowing and borrow only when necessary.

Determine monthly Income

Use the retirement income calculator – an online tool that provides retirement income information. This will assist in estimating the amount you will be receiving from your savings, the pension from the government as well as any other savings.

Make a Budget

Determine your expenditure requirements during retirement. Match the results with your retirement monthly income. If they do not match then make plans to save more. This can be through spending less or boosting retirement income.

Review Insurance Requirements

As time goes by, insurance needs for a person change. A person who grows to have more health problems will need to have a critical illness insurance while one with few dependents and debts may not require as much life insurance coverage.


Start planning early for a better life in retirement.

However, if time has gone on and it is a little too late, consider your options and make sound decisions. It may be a little hard sticking to the retirement preparation plan, but you will be thankful to yourself for having prepared early. Same will happen to a friend whom you decide to share these ideas with through social media.


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