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Obamacare Could Become Your Best Advocate

Effective January of the year 2014, the United States of America will change like we never knew it. We all have heard about what’s coming. Every citizen will be required to have health insurance.

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The Affordable Health Care Act: Incentives for Healthy Lifestyle Changes

The Affordable Care Act is here, and it goes into effect Jan 1 2014. Of course, not all of its provisions are enacted, but the major ones seem to be intact.

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Obamacare by the Numbers

American citizens that plan to sign up for the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) can do so now.

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Chop Chop: How to Rein in Healthcare Costs

Beginning Oct. 1, 2013, Americans can begin to sign up for the Affordable Care Act, what is widely known as Obamacare. The new healthcare plan kicks in on Jan. 1, 2014, expanding access to health insurance options currently not available to tens of millions of Americans.

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ObamaCare Takes Near Fatal Hit

National healthcare seemed like a done deal in 2010, but in 2011 its outlook is less certain.

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Final Month For Home Buyer Tax Credit

Tweet Four weeks from today, an important tax credit for home buyers will come to an end. On April 30, 2010, the deadline for “The Worker, Homeownership, and Business Assistance


The ObamaCare Express Cools…For Now

Tweet The pitched battle over health care has ended due to Congress working over the weekend to vote for the passage of what on the surface appears to be a

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Will ObamaCare Force Insurers To Close Shop?

Tweet The national health care plan (or ObamaCare) being debated by Congress and pushed by President Barack Obama appears to be headed for a setback, at least temporarily, which means