Will ObamaCare Force Insurers To Close Shop?

Will ObamaCare Force Insurers To Close Shop?


The national health care plan (or ObamaCare) being debated by Congress and pushed by President Barack Obama appears to be headed for a setback, at least temporarily, which means that a vote won’t be held until late September or early October at the soonest. Opposition from all quarters is rising as people read the 1017 page bill and learn what is being proposed.

After much digging through the current bill and listening to what is being discussed in various committees, Americans are learning that the proposed legislation contains some disturbing features and may force private insurers out of business (more about that later). Among the provisions being discussed are the following:

Abortion Services – H.R. 3200 (America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009) has a provision that states abortion could be mandated as part of “outpatient clinic services” under minimum benefits package required. Abortion might also be mandated under the auspices of “family planning” coverage in another section of the bill. In addition, abortion could be funded under the part of the plan that authorizes the Health and Human Services (HHS) secretary to create a “public health insurance option.”

End of Life Counseling – There have been claims by some that the bill will include some sort of “end of life counseling” for seniors and for those who are chronically ill. But this point has been disputed by many and disproved by some. Apparently, counseling will be made available but it isn’t expected to be mandatory which means it won’t be coercive. Still, some of the comments that the president has made regarding care for the elderly has people concerned including suggesting that there will be limits to what the government will be able to provide.

Government Rationing – People who have their own health care plans are used to being able to go to make appointments, see the physician of their choice, visit a specialist, request tests, etc. Certainly, there has been some abuse in this area with doctors, hospitals, clinics and specialists sometimes ordering duplicate tests which drive up costs. Under a government plan, in a bid to hold down costs, services will be streamlined and choices curtailed – it has to be this way. Britain has been providing comprehensive national health care for more than sixty years; under their system health care is rationed.

Will Insurers Be Squeezed Out Of Business?

President Obama says that he doesn’t want to get rid of private insurers, rather that he wants to make available a “government option” which would compete against health insurance companies. Under certain scenarios, tens of millions of Americans would be forced to choose the so-called government option while many employers would simply quit providing insurance, which would shift tens of millions of more people to government care. That sort of sea change would bankrupt the insurance industry in short order.

Yes, health care reform is desperately needed, but what is being proposed by our elected officials should concern Americans. Yesterday, SayEducate discussed several ways where hundreds of billions of dollars in savings could be realized without rolling out a new, invasive national health care system. These problems should be addressed first because without fixing Medicare, Medicaid and other programs, we’ll be creating a national nightmare which could devastate our economy.

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