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Consumer Tips

Learning to Negotiate at Every Opportunity

While many individuals don’t like the idea of confrontation, the fact of the matter is it can be a good thing.

Business Management

How to Find Affordable Retail Space

You have been renting vendor space at a popular flea market for years. More than a year ago you upgraded to permanent space inside, where you have enjoyed increased foot traffic.

Business Services

How to Develop the Best Negotiation Skills?

Getting the right workshop on negotiation skill is very important for you. It is therefore important for you to get hold of the best one for you.

Home Tips

Home Price Negotiation and What to Consider

Tweet As you might surmise, there is some tension at times between the two parties, what real estate agents seek to alleviate to make a deal happen. As a buyer,

Autos Express

8 Techniques to Get the Most for Your Used Car

Tweet By Nick Simpson In fact, many people simply take the first offer they get, even if it’s well below their asking price, simply so they can be done with

Business Services

How to Sell Your Business

Tweet Selling your business for well below market value can be tempting, especially if you have to sell due to health or some other personal matter. However, selling out for

Consumer Tips

Craigslist and Selling Your Stuff Online

Tweet We’ve gone into detail about how best to hold a garage, yard or estate sale on these pages, but we realize that these kind of sales aren’t always the