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7 Money Saving Tips for September 2011

Tweet With the economy flagging, finding ways to save money is of critical importance to everyone. The following seven money saving tips are timely and just the tonic needed to

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How to Recover From a Natural Disaster

Tweet Get back on your feet quickly by following these steps. Recovering from a natural disaster takes time, but can move forward if you play an active part in this

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8 Ways to Save on Your Next Car Rental

If you’re planning to rent a car, you may be taken back by the prices quoted — they’re all over the place! But, just as hotel stays, airline flights and cruise packages are often discounted so can that car rental you want for a weekend, week or longer.

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4 Reasons You Really Need Renters Insurance Now

Renters insurance is crucial if you are living in a building that is owned by someone else.

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32 Money Saving Tips For 2011

Tweet As the economy gradually recovers consumers are beginning to open up their wallets, but there isn’t much there. Sure, plastic is an option, but snake-bitten consumers are avoiding borrowing

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Winter Home Prep? It’s Not Too Late!

Tweet Another fresh blast of arctic air is pushing down through our nation’s midsection, bringing with it some of the coldest air of the year. Snow, ice, sleet and freezing

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8 No Compromise Quality Absolutes

Tweet By Amy J. Silver Whether you’re looking for household items, new clothes, car insurance, or planning a vacation, it’s not difficult to find a good value. There are certain

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20 Drunk Driving Hotspots

Tweet Driving while drunk remains a serious scourge, with 11,773 people killed on U.S. roads in 2008, the last year statistics are available. That number is down dramatically from 1982

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6 Timely Home Winterizing Tips

Tweet With summer coming to an end, thoughts of winter are hardly being entertained as leaves begin to change, apples ripen and pumpkins are ready for the picking. Yet, by

Money Management

Take Control Of Your Housing Costs While You Can!

Tweet Friends of ours mentioned something about the economy in passing, a topic that is almost always too good to pass up. Or too hot to handle! Paying Their Mortgage

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When You Need To Hire A Plumber

Tweet A few years ago our family moved to a new area of the country, far from the familiar roots of our New Jersey neighborhood. Within the first month we

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What Are Creditors Saying About You?

Tweet Here is some food for thought: you’re planning to renovate your home or take out a loan to pay for a new car. You’ve done extensive research on what