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5 Tips for Handling an Insurance Agent or Adjuster When You Need to File a Claim

The term “accidents happen” is the basic idea behind having insurance.

And when an accident does happen, you have to grit your teeth and deal with your insurance company.

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Mobile Phone Insurance: How It Works

You are talking on your cell phone when you turn and notice that your three-year-old has decided to take a bath in the dog dish. Panicking, you slam down your gadget and in doing so its slides off the table and crashes to the floor.

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Get Your Homeowners Insurance Claim Handled Fast

Tweet Filing a claim can be done quickly and a payment made fast if you have the following to present to your insurer: 1. Your insurance policy. Having a copy

Money Management

Life Insurance and Your Payout Options

Tweet Death benefit options for heirs. If you are a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, the insurance company will look to settle with you and anyone else named. You’ll

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How to Document Your Auto Insurance Claim

Tweet Quick thinking and accurate documentation can save you money. You’ve just had an accident with your car. Everybody is okay, but your car took a beating. If your auto

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Filing An Insurance Claim Post Catastrophe

Tweet Insurance certainly comes in handy, especially when catastrophe strikes. Instead of losing everything, your insurer can provide the funds needed to help you rebuild your life following a devastating