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Pending Foreclosure? Take Action!

Tweet If you have fallen behind on your mortgage, than you know that this isn’t a good thing, however it could be one problem that you simply could not have

Home Financing

Your Mortgage Options? Never Better!

Tweet My, oh my how quickly things can change. No, the economy is still in the doldrums and with Congress and our new president on an unprecedented spending spree, there

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Historically Low Mortgage Rates Are A Golden Opportunity

Tweet You hate to tell someone that this could be a “once in a lifetime opportunity” but in the case of mortgage rates that statement may very well hold true.

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Smart Tips To Weigh Before Attending An Open House This Weekend

Tweet I was considering posting this article later in the week, but then I realized that the tips I’m planning to share with you here need several days of rumination.

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Forget The New Home: Short Sale Deals Reign Supreme

Tweet Home buyers who are interested in new construction may want to skip the second and third stage homes in their favorite housing development. That’s because houses built a year

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Considering Foreclosure? Take These Steps First!

Tweet Don’t Give Your Home Up Without A Fight Hundreds of thousands of homeowners are facing imminent foreclosure, one of the largest groups of consumers to be in this position

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Take Control Of Your Housing Costs While You Can!

Tweet Friends of ours mentioned something about the economy in passing, a topic that is almost always too good to pass up. Or too hot to handle! Paying Their Mortgage

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Housing Market Pummelled Once Again In January 2009

Tweet After a decent performance in some markets in December, the national housing market got slapped around in January as resales slipped by 5.3%. Resales include only sales of existing

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Applying For An Equity Line While Times Are Good

Tweet I hate to pitch an idea for just the sake of an argument, but if you are employed right now, then having an equity line of credit available to

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Is There Ever A Right Time To Buy A Time Share?

Tweet Neighbors of ours recently returned from a trip to the shore where they stayed at a friend’s house. It turns out that these friends lent them the place as

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You Can Save Money For A Down Payment

Tweet Homeownership Is Still Within Your Reach America is coming out of a strange fog, one that first settled down on our country during the heady days of the 1990s.

Home Financing

If You’re Qualified, Buying A Home Now Is Smart!

Tweet Talk of a $700 billion federal bail out; the collapse of Washington Mutual, Wachovia, and Merrill Lynch; as well as uncertainty about the coming presidential election has cast a