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Home Buying

Housing Help: 5 Things To Consider Before Buying A First Home

Tweet By purchasing a home, you can ensure that money is at least being spent on a tangible goal, i.e. paying off your mortgage and getting a clear title to

Home Buying

Mortgage Madness: How to See Your Way Through the Home-Buying Process

Tweet Buying a home is the biggest financial commitment that most people will ever make. Even a small home is likely to be a six-figure investment, and most people need

Home Buying

The Importance of Mortgage Brokers in Home Financing

Mortgage brokers are the people who link borrowers to mortgage loan lenders. Their work is to help those who want to secure mortgage loans secure the most appropriate loan as well as help banks reach customers who need their financial services.

Home Financing

When Deciding to Buy a New Home, Consider These Home Financing Tips

Home financing is often sought out by those who can’t afford to make lump sum cash payment at a go.

Home Buying

Home Buyers Guide: What You Need To Know Before Buying a New House

Before homebuyers in Australia inspect their first home for the first time, there are a lot of different things that they will need to take into consideration first.

Home Buying

5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Home

It’s a good time to buy a home; interest rates are low, the economy is improving, and home prices are beginning to pick up.

Home Buying

Walk This Way: How to Effectively Complete Your Final Walk Through

Tweet It is important to do a final walk through on your future home with unbiased eyes. Take in everything and make sure all of the agreed upon repairs and

Home Buying

7 Tips for Saving for Your New Home Downpayment

Tweet You’ll most likely need at least three percent (and sometimes up to twenty percent) of the home’s selling price in order to get into a home.  That puts you

Home Buying

Purchasing A Foreclosure? What You Should Know

When a property owner is unable to meet the terms of his mortgage and falls behind on payments, one route the lender may take is foreclosure.

Home Buying

Lease To Own: Your Path To Home Ownership

Tweet Traditionally, home buyers have gotten into the market by shopping, choosing and moving into a home that they planned to keep for many years. Buyers would put five to

Home Buying

4 Timely Tips For First Time Home Buyers

Tweet You’re in the market for your very first home – congratulations! Yet, you know that these are unusual times in which to buy a home with unemployment levels pushing

Home Buying

Should You Wait Until The Bottom of the Housing Market to Buy a Home?

Tweet Lots of people are in good shape financially despite the recent gyrations of the stock market. Sure, their retirement portfolios may have taken a hit – a bad one

Home Buying

Buying A New Home? Haggle!

Tweet The current housing market is a wonderful ally for home buyers, as home values drop and sellers are willing to negotiate. Home shoppers previously shut out of some local

Home Buying

Going Back Home For Mortgages: How Parents Can Help

Tweet By Sarah Scrafford, Guest Writer You would think that the process of buying a first home just got easy what with the slump in real estate prices, but that’s

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Good News Continues To Bolster Some Housing Markets

Tweet Many local housing markets are offering near equal measures of good news and bad news when it comes to buying and selling homes. In some markets the good news