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Money Management

How to Tame the Money Monster

Debt is a reality for many Americans, a very present one at that. So many people are living from paycheck to paycheck, including those that are facing foreclosure or bankruptcy.


Retire Early: You Can Make it Happen

It can happen. You can leave your career, retire, and enjoy a number of good years before you shed this mortal coil. A lot of Americans work past the “normal” retirement age of 65, either because they must or perhaps because they want to. Others leave early because of health matters.

Small Business

What You Need to Know About Peer-to-Peer Lending

Peer-to-peer lending is an alternative financial service that brings lenders and borrowers together. Typically using an online platform to move funds, monies are leant from one or more members to other members to support a proposed initiative.

Consumer Financing

How to Obtain a Personal Loan

Tweet Certainly, your bank may want to know what the funds will be used for as one condition for receiving credit, but you can typically find a lender that will

Money Management

Personal Finance 101: What Is an Asset?

Tweet By John Smith This article will help identify assets and explain their importance for home budgets. Assets Defined An asset is anything that you own and that has value.