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Cash for Clunkers: How to Donate Your Car for Quick Money

Tweet Sometimes, however, they stop working. Could they still work for us even when they are no longer drive-able? The answer is yes. A car is worth cash whether or

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Compact Car Prices Trending Upwards

Tweet Finally, some good news for people who own a compact car: the value of their vehicle is increasing. That information comes from Kelley Blue Book (KBB) which issued their

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What You Need To Know About The Car Scrappage Program

Tweet SayEducate has been keeping tabs on the “cash for clunkers” legislation as it was being debated in Congress. For the past several months members of the House and the

Autos Express Consumer Tips

Cash For Clunkers? Not Law Yet!

Tweet This past April, SayEducate.Com made mention of the federal government’s “Cash For Clunkers” program, a plan where car buyers would be able to trade in their older, gas guzzling

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New Car Now Or Wait For Cash For Clunkers?

Tweet The U.S. Congress is debating the merits of a federal government program where buyers of news cars could be entitled to a hefty discount on their purchase if they