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What You Need to Know About Zombie Foreclosures

Tweet The term “zombie foreclosures” represents homes where owners have moved out while in foreclosure, leaving these houses to turn into neighborhood blights. Zombie Foreclosures As of 2013, more than

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The Key Components of a Promissory Note

As explained by the SEC, a promissory note is a debt obligation, one that is similar to an IOU or a loan. Promissory notes are sometimes used as a fund-raising tool by companies, as a way to attract investors, individuals that may receive a periodic payout for offering a note.

Home Tips

Home Appliances and Electrical Safety

Flickering home lights are certainly an indication of an electrical system problem. Left unaddressed and you may soon find yourself evacuating the home and calling the fire department.

Home Building

How to Help Your Home Build Go Smoothly

Building a home is exciting and character building at the same time.

Consumer Tips

Training Management Software and its Quantifiable Benefits

Tweet The quantifiable benefits of training management software can help managers and the company alike, by providing the following advantages. Competitive Leadership A well-trained workforce is one that has already

Tax Tips

How to Pay Your Property Taxes Online

Tweet Online payment options for your property taxes. If you’re a homeowner and have an outstanding mortgage, then your property tax is most likely held in escrow with funds taken

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Mother’s Day Promotional Ideas

Tweet Mother’s Day is held on the second Sunday of May and is one of the most important dates honoring women. The holiday was started through the work of just

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4 Businesses Improving Virtual Transactions for Companies

Completing a transaction online can be a headache for many people. Buying online means you cannot see and test your products before you purchase them.

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7 Smart Business Networking Tips

Tweet Today’s economy offers us many challenges especially if we’re looking for a new job, trying to sell a home or wanting to obtain fresh business. Speaking of new business,

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How to do Business with India

Tweet Booming India = Business Opportunities I had planned to title this article, “How to do Business in India,” when I realized how impractical that sounded. Lots of Americans, the

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Managing Your Business During Tough Times

Tweet Analysts say that the Great Recession which began in December 2007 came to an end some time last summer, but all evidence suggests that tough economic times are still

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Is a Merchant Cash Advance Right for You?

Tweet An economic downturn and lagging sales have caused commercial lending to come to a virtual standstill, even for well-qualified applicants. Many small to medium sized businesses have turned to

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What Is The Value Of Your Business?

Tweet Business owners may wonder what the recession has done to the value of their enterprise. Sales are down, market share may have eroded, and demand for your products may

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What?! You Still Don’t Have A Website?

Tweet We’re nearly a full decade beyond the turn of the millennium, that age when the stars and planets aligned, world peace broke out, and businesses took advantage of their