Tips for Picking the Right Computer for Work

Tips for Picking the Right Computer for Work

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    Due to the fact that a lot of people both work on their computer and use it for entertainment in their spare time, any investment made for the purchase of this device can hardly be considered as “not worth it.”

    Still, some people find it too distracting to use the same device for work and pleasure, especially due to the fact that this device would contain all of their personal files, movies, video games and apps.


Needless to say, this is extremely distracting and even creating the most serene and focus-oriented work environment won’t be as effective if your favorite distraction is just a click away. This makes some people want to buy an additional computer for work.

Here, you might experience a dilemma of a completely new kind. On the one hand, for those who don’t see the price as an issue, getting the best possible device would be the right course of action.

However, some might see the idea of spending several thousand dollars on this side-device as a bit of an overkill. Nevertheless, getting a device that’s too cheap might mean that it can’t run some of the tools you need for work. Here are several tips to help you navigate through this maze.

1. Necessary specifications

The first thing you need to focus on is the necessary specifications of the device. Your computer’s CPU and GPU requirements will depend on the requirements of the software that you use.

Fortunately, developers of these tools and programs always upload necessary requirements online that could potentially help you figure out whether the computer that you intend to buy will be able to support them. It’s important that you go for recommended rather than minimum requirements to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Besides this, you also need to consider the issue of storage space and there are several factors to weigh in. For a work computer, having an SSD is a must due to the fact that the response time is really quick and allows the device to boot in a matter of seconds. HDD requirements of your computer usually depend on how much you intend to use cloud storage services. Once again, this takes some planning.

2. A multi-purpose device

This particular piece of advice is something a tad outside-of-the-box. Earlier on, we warned against paying too much for a device, however, what about a scenario where you get two gadgets instead? You see, a computer like Lenovo x1 Yoga is a device that can be transformed from a laptop into a tablet in a matter of seconds.

For someone who intends to work during the commute, or at least use the device in order to pass the time, this could make a huge difference. In that particular case, paying a tad more would be worth it, even though this device isn’t nearly as expensive as some of its counterparts.

3. Portability

The last thing you need to think about is the portability of the device. In order to see just how important this factor actually is, you need to be honest about the way in which you’re going to use a device.

Some people use their laptop as a desktop, leaving it at the office or in a home office, without transporting it for weeks, or even months. Other people carry this device wherever they go, and for them, every pound counts.

Most often, by getting a lighter device you sacrifice either the battery or the screen size. The first can be solved with a purchase of a portable battery, while the latter issue can be resolved by attaching your laptop to a monitor. This trend can even provide you with a dual-screen option, which is known to boost productivity.


Even though some may claim that this list is too trivial or that it requires too much effort, keep in mind that you only buy a work computer on

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