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How to Create a Realistic Single Income Family Budget

If your family is on a single budget, then you know the challenges that you face.

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Weekly Tip Mar 27: What About Your Credit Card

Tweet With credit being the tightest anyone has seen in years, your chances of securing new credit has been greatly reduced unless you agree to unfavorable financing terms including a

Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip Mar 13: Checking Your Credit Often

What prevents someone from taking your ID information and applying for credit in your name? They simply use your ID to apply for a loan, get approved based on your credit standing, have the money placed into their hands, and then disappear leaving you with the surprise of a monthly loan payment coming due.

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Weekly Tip Mar 06: Money Savings Tips

Saving money in a bank account is one way to create wealth, but in these days of furloughs, cut backs, debt problems and excessive national spending, consumers need to come up with some other ways to help save cash.


The Most Commonly Overlooked Items When Developing a Budget

There are two great reasons for keeping a budget —

Debt Management

Tips for Setting Personal Financial Goals to Keep you out of Debt

Setting financial goals to stay out of debt requires short-term and long-term planning. Every expense and liability must be paid when due with current income, or people are forced to borrow money to pay their debts.

Money Management

Budgeting Tips: How to Know When to Spend and When to Save

Many people aren’t sure when to spend their money and when to save it because they haven’t taken time to develop a long-range financial plan. When you have a budget, it becomes easier to save, as well as spend, without feeling guilty or obligated.


Budget Cuts: How to Make a More Frugal Home

A job loss or a cut in hours at work can lead to a need to cut back on expenses to meet a home budget. While most people will need a negative experience to cut back, there are some who will do so voluntarily to save up for retirement, or an emergency fund.