Budget Cuts: How to Make a More Frugal Home

Budget Cuts: How to Make a More Frugal Home
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    A job loss or a cut in hours at work can lead to a need to cut back on expenses to meet a home budget.

    While most people will need a negative experience to cut back, there are some who will do so voluntarily to save up for retirement, or an emergency fund.


Regardless of why you’re looking to become more frugal, here are some tips that can make it a reality. These ideas can help you avoid bankruptcy and grow into a better standard of living.


A 4,000 square foot home is not likely a frugal investment. Downsizing can be a great way to save some money. For those who have quite a bit of equity built up, selling and then buying a smaller or cheaper home can help cut monthly expenses substantially. Downsizing is not the only way to save money on housing expenses. If you have a friend that needs a bedroom, it’s possible to rent one out for a few hundred a month and apply that toward a mortgage or savings. Regardless, it will help your bottom line.

Buy Water-efficient Showers

Efficient showers cut down on the amount of water used during a typical shower. While there will be an initial expense to buy a new shower head or faucet to save money, over time, those who make the switch will be able to save money. Not to mention these types of shower heads are made with the environment in mind. You won’t be wasting all that water you so desperately need in the summer. If you can afford new shower heads consider just cutting back on water use. Do laundry less, and stagger your familiy’s showers so all the water isn’t being used all at once. You can also find ways to run the dishwasher less.

Buy a Timed Thermostat

A substantial number of American families are headed by a single parent or by two parents who both work. These family units will frequently be gone at the same time. Why heat up a house to a comfy 70 degrees when 60 will work just fine to keep pipes from freezing? Why have the air conditioning set at 72 when no one is home? Getting a programmable thermostat can help cut down on the cost that goes to heating and cooling your house.

Eat In

Eating at home or in your office at work can be a great way to save money as long as you make your own lunch. Eating out can easily cost $10 a day, and that $50 per week could add up to more than $2,500 over the course of a year. Brown bagging a lunch from home can save a substantial amount, and help your bottom line.

While these are only four of the major ways that Americans can have a more frugal home and avoid filing for a bankruptcy in Ontario, there are many more. Getting creative can be both fun and effective while also helping a family’s budget. The time to get started trimming the fat out of budget is now.


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