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The Art of Cryptocurrency: Why Doing Your Research Counts

By now you’ve probably heard about Bitcoin, but did you know there are over 5,000 different kinds of cryptocurrencies? With phrases like blockchain, wallets, mining, and exchanges being thrown around, there is a lot to learn.

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Online Cash: How Bitcoin is Changing the Way People Use Money

In 2009, an unknown person invented a new type of currency called “bitcoin.” Today, bitcoin has grown to become the most popular and well-known form of cryptocurrency with its own dedicated online marketplace.

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The Bitcoin Identity Crisis and What it Means Going Forward

Bitcoin happened to be all the craze about a year ago when people saw the price skyrocket to above $19,000. Now that the price has corrected to just under $4,000, a lot of people who are uneducated about bitcoin have lost interest in this technological giant because they don’t truly understand everything that bitcoin is and represents…

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Solving the Mystery of Bitcoin: What Is It and Where to Buy It?

Tweet It’s been called “the future of money” and its main feature lies in decentralization—people can make transactions without involving banks or other government institutions. Despite its rising popularity and


Is Bitcoin a Good Investment Option?

Tweet What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin has become one of the greatest financial hurdles of our day and age. It is one of the latest transaction methods that has gone global


Why Invest in Bitcoin – What You Need to Know Before Investing

Tweet Among the available investment options, there is one which has tremendously changed the investment and currency exchange industry. Have you heard of Bitcoin? If not yet, here are the

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Investing In Cryptocurrencies And Becoming An Overnight Millionaire

Tweet The ABCs Of Investing In Cryptocurrencies The best thing to do is learn the ropes and know how to get insider information lest you burn your fingers. Investing in


PayPal vs BitCoin: Virtual Money Smackdown

If you’ve recently been standing in line at the grocery store and the customer in front of you pulls out a checkbook, you probably groaned and tried to catch the eye of the person in front of you grasping the reality that wow, this outdated form of payment is still viable and accepted at many businesses today.

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The Currency of the Future Starts in Africa – Bitcoins

Many recent business news point out that bitcoins may be the new currency for most African countries. Ever considered walking without money in your pocket? Yes you can with bitcoin.