Why Invest in Bitcoin – What You Need to Know Before Investing

Why Invest in Bitcoin – What You Need to Know Before Investing
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    There are various investment options each with a different rate of return.

    The investment options are for hedging against inflation as well as securing personal wealth for future financial security.


Among the available investment options, there is one which has tremendously changed the investment and currency exchange industry. Have you heard of Bitcoin? If not yet, here are the reasons why you should strive to invest in Bitcoins.

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin was first introduced in 2009, and for almost a decade in the market, it has been the most used medium of exchange in various transactions. Bitcoin involves units of numerous cryptocurrencies known as altcoins. It is the only decentralized currency, which means that no financial or governmental organization controls it. The purchasing power of the bitcoin entirely lies in the users’ perception of the financial market trends.

Why invest in Bitcoin?

Before investing, it is vital to ensure that the returns associated with the investment option are worth the capital and maturity period involved. With the continued trend of bitcoin increasing in value, it makes it the best investment venture in the world. Various financial analysts have reported of bitcoin rising in value to be over and above any other currency in the world.

Currently, 1 unit of Bitcoin is equivalent to 12,922 USD.

Why is bitcoin a guaranteed investment?

Sometime back, when people heard about bitcoin being a decentralized currency, they feared to lose their capital from unforeseen circumstances. However, since Bitcoin is a digital currency, it can never lose value or be out of the market unless there is internet shutdown, which is next to impossible. With this assurance, individuals have increased their trust in the currency making it the only and major currency when it comes to internet transactions.

Benefits of investing in bitcoin

Various benefits come along with investing in bitcoin. They include;

  • No government intervention
  • It is secure
  • Hedges against uncertainties such as inflation
  • One can trade with it anytime
  • High rate of return

Is bitcoin secure?

Although no governmental institutions control the purchasing power of bitcoins, it doesn’t mean that no bodies are monitoring it. There is a primary controlling system put in place to ensure that all transactions and any unit of bitcoin generated are done in accordance with the demand and supply in place. Transacting with bitcoin ensures that the sender’s wallet and the receiver are both debited and credited securely without any data breach or financial loopholes for attackers and hackers.

All individuals who started investing in bitcoin from 2010, when bitcoin was being revolutionized, can affirm to the fact that Bitcoin has worked for them and if asked, they would choose to invest in it over and over again. Many individuals are yet to realize the power of Bitcoin, some due to ignorance and some due to insufficient information.

Let them know that there is a venture turning individuals into millionaires and millionaires into billionaires. Happy investing!

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