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Travel Tips

Making the Most of Unused Frequent Flyer Miles & Points

Tweet By Sean Miller This may be because they never use their miles, or because airlines make it so hard to redeem. In either case, a large majority of U.S.

Credit Cards

How To Find A Better Rewards Card

Tweet So, how are the new government credit card regulations working out for you? If you are like most cardholders, the terms of your credit card agreement have changed, perhaps

Consumer Tips

Airline Miles? Get ‘Em Or Get Rid Of ‘Em!

Tweet For many years now, airlines have used frequent flyer miles as a way to gain your patronage. Business travelers love these types of rewards programs as they can take

Consumer Financing Credit Cards Money Management

How To Successfully Play The Rewards Card Game

Tweet Credit cards are the backbone of the financing industry, driving profits to those institutions who manage their programs well. Competition for customers is fierce and, although consumers typically hold