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Featured Insurance

Financial Planning: Four Tips When Choosing Dental Insurance

Dental care is extremely important to overall health, but also an aspect that gets overlooked since it is not covered by regular health insurance. Extra dental insurance is important to reduce costs of expensive dental procedures and make sure you keep up with dental health.

Featured Home Selling

11 Improvement Tips to Ready Your Home for Sale

If you’re about ready to sell your home, you’re likely familiar with the usual tips to stage your home for potential buyers. Things like removing clutter, improving the home’s frontal appearance, and fixing broken light fixtures are a given.

Featured Home Selling

How to Sell Your Home by Owner

You’ve decided to sell your home. Instead of working with a real estate agent, you plan to sell it on your own. Done right, you stand to save as much as 5 to 6 percent in broker fees, a significant chunk of money no matter the cost of your home.

Featured Tax Tips

Tax Time: Under the Deadline

Your taxes are done and filed, right? Oh, if only that were true!

Featured Home Buying

How Your Neighborhood Impacts Your Home’s Value

In real estate, location is one of the most important factors in determining the market price of a home. Natural landmarks and man-made structures can have a tremendous impact on a property’s value.

Featured ID Theft

Reasons To Protect Yourself From Identity Theft While in College

Universities are homes away from home for some of the brightest young people in the nation. They can also be home to some of the most ruthless and deceptive.

Business Opportunities Featured

Five Reasons It’s Never Been Better to Own a Business

With the economy reemerging after some tough years, owning a small business has never looked more attractive for professionals.

Featured Money News

Making Money the Flea Market Way

You’ve seen them near where you live and have likely shopped at one: flea markets. Typically, they’re outdoor markets where second-hand goods are bought and sold. The term is derived from a French term “march√© aux puces” for a market that sells used goods that might contain fleas.

Consumer Tips Featured

Top Tips For Funding Your Retirement

Description: How do you manage money in old age? This article focuses on saving for your family’s future and the cost of funeral plans.

Consumer Financing Featured

Loan Shark or Fair Lender?

An individual that loans money to another person for an exorbitant fee is sometimes known as a “loan shark.” Unfortunately, the term is often misused to describe legal lenders that charge rates that are above what most of us think are reasonable.

Featured Tax Tips

Four Ways That Taxes Influence Your Investments

Taxes definitely influence investors’ decision-making process. For example, investors don’t receive the full benefit of the taxable bond’s coupon rate.

Debt Management Featured

Not All Bankruptcy is the Same: Make Sure You’re Filing Correctly

If you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy, you need to be sure you file the right kind. Not all bankruptcy is the same, and the conditions that you go through vary with each.