Best Ways To Decrease Your Monthly Phone Bill

Best Ways To Decrease Your Monthly Phone Bill
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    Recurring bills are a hassle, but phone bills are one of the worst culprits.

    They’re always too high and seem to increase at times they shouldn’t.


Often, there’s not much you can do to stop it, but that doesn’t leave you without any options.

You can still do a few things to reduce your grand total, and we will be going over those in this list of the best ways to decrease your monthly phone bill.

Make the Switch to Prepaid

Companies always prefer to get paid beforehand. Because of this, they are usually willing to discount services that have you pay ahead of receiving what you paid for.

Phone companies are no different in this aspect. If you prepay for your service plan, they’ll likely make it worth your while.

Add a Few Lines

There’s one other thing a phone company will give you a discount for: bringing more people to their service.

Sometimes they’ll have a referral bonus program, but this is mostly about having lower individual bills for adding more people to your service.

There is usually a cap, but if you know some people who all use the same company individually, you should combine your services to get a cheaper rate.

Don’t Upgrade Unless You Have To

While it’s nice that most phone companies give you the option to pay for your new phone over time, this doesn’t really help you in the end. You’re still paying the same amount. The only bonus is your bank account doesn’t take the massive hit all at once.

Instead, it’s taking it little by little, making your monthly bill much harder to pay until you pay it off. That’s why the best option is to simply not upgrade unless you have to, and even if you do, make it a cheaper phone if you can.

Remove Unused Services

You’d be surprised how many people are still paying for things they don’t use, which certainly adds up over time. A good example of this is smartwatches.

There is a lot to know about smartwatch service plans, and we’re sure they are worth paying for to some people. However, if you don’t utilize these services often, it might not be worth it.

Another common thing that people pay for longer than they should is phone insurance. If your phone is brand-new, you should hold onto it, but once it hits that two-year mark, it might be time to get rid of it.

The value of smartphones decreases rapidly after that point, and the amount that you’d get through your provider for turning it in will not be worth it, considering how much you spend each month to keep it insured.

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Update Your Address

One of the best ways to decrease your monthly phone bill is also one of the more unknown ones, which is to change your service address if you’ve moved to a place with lower tax rates.

This can save you up to $100 a month on average, but it’s entirely dependent on where you lived beforehand and where you’ve moved to.

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