Reduce Your Bills the Easy Way With These 3 Tips

Reduce Your Bills the Easy Way With These 3 Tips
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    There can be nothing worse than receiving high bills month after month on your daily utilities.

    All of us are constantly looking for ways to reduce our bills.

    A few of these provide such little saving that we tend to ignore them. What we need to remember here is that each penny counts.


1. Do it Yourself.

It is so easy to call a plumber or carpenter when something goes wrong. But check if you really cannot do it yourself. Typically there are videos available on the Internet. In addition, all the products come with user manual. So in case your washing machine is not working, check the user manual and look for troubleshooting tips rather than placing a call to the service centre immediately.

Do you really have to call the carpenter to put up that shelf in your kitchen? Try and do it yourself. While purchasing, buy light fixtures that are so easy to replace that even you can do it. Learn a few things like replacing your fuse or changing a flat tire. When you are in an emergency, you will end up spending a lot more.

2. Check out the Sales at Supermarkets.

While buying at a sale, do check if the Sale is actual or created. You can check the original price at another store or even online.

Next, there are consumables that are placed on sale when they are close to the expiry date. You can buy these in bulk and plan on using these accordingly. Thus you can buy extra ripe tomatoes, make purée at home and keep it in the fridge for later use. Similarly, you can buy apples, mangoes, berries, oranges and other fruits while they are in season and freeze their pulp, make jam or marmalade and use these later.

You can make make a pickle of olives, cucumber, sardines, tuna and others. Also make sure that you always buy what you need, and not what you like when you are out shopping.

3. Bigger Pack may not be cheaper.

We have a tendency to pick up family packs as we think that these are cheaper. Also, we pick up anything that has freebies attached to it. This may not turn out to be cheaper. Shampoo sachets are much cheaper than actual bottles besides being convenient to carry too.

You may buy family packs of toothpastes but throw them while they are half full as your kids have got bored of that same taste. The same applies to big bottles of carbonated drinks, juices, snacks and so on.

We have more ideas for reducing monthly bills. After your read, please give a quick comment/share and then jump over to our lower monthly bills module for ideas and additional sources.

As you can see, these are simple tips that are big on savings. You can be attentive and keep a tab on clearance sales and new samples being distributed around you. Even your friends would be interested in making savings some way or the other. After all, money saved is money earned! So share this article with them through social media and wait for their Thank You messages…!


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