10 Ways You Can Live a Happy Frugal life

10 Ways You Can Live a Happy Frugal life
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    What with the world still recovering from the financial shock of 2008, most people are scared to death when it comes to spending money.

    With the current economic situation, no one trusts the market, and no one knows whether they will be able to survive on their current salary for the next ten years, unless they are entitled for a big salary by their company.


The common belief is that in order for you to be able to have a nice life and access to all the necessities of life, you need money. For people who want to live a good life in a ‘cost-effective’ fashion, I have prepared the following guidelines:


With fuel and maintenance’s costs rising, car’s maintenance makes a major portion of our monthly expense. And, they are even more costly if you have more than one car. It will be better if you carpool with your family or a neighbor who happens to have his office the same area as you do. All you have to do is to divide the cost of transport. This will help you save your transport cost.


If you are thinking to buy a larger house on the other side of the town, don’t. You might think that an expensive larger house might be the solution to your problem, because you might finally be able to place all your things. But in fact, you do not need a larger house. All you need is to clean the clutter and make space.

You can save a lot of money by selling your old furniture, newspapers and other things, that you don’t use anymore, and make extra space in your house. This way you will be able to have more space, and earn some extra money by selling your useless stuff.


Most of you would not like the idea of renting a house, but if you think rationally you might realize that you cannot only save a lot of money, but, also live with style. Taxes on houses and other things owned by you are enough to cripple you financially. If you sell your current house and move to a rented house you will be able to save a lot of money.


No wonder the restaurant business is thriving; eating out has become a norm these days. More and more families prefer eating out instead of dining at home. This, however, puts a massive strain on your budget. You can surely save a lot of money if you cook at home.


If you want to save time and invest that time to do something more productive, like, do a part time job and earn extra cash, then get rid of the cable. This way you will be able to cut short your expenses.


People today have become dependent on credit cards. Every time they go online, they would use credit card to buy things on credit. This has made people indebted to their banks. If you want to save money, you should either get rid of your credit card or use it wisely, i.e., using it only when it is necessary.


It is better to buy second hand things from garage sale than to buy expensive new products. If you are getting a secondhand thing in an almost perfect condition than what’s the point of wasting money on a new product.


Don’t shy away from asking for discounts, it is your right, after all. It is observed that people often don’t ask for discounts, mainly because they feel embarrassed. Consequently, they either end up giving up the item they needed desperately or paying up a fortune for it.

Take for instance graduate students, who’ve been observed asking online companies, “help me write my dissertation and I’ll pay you”. Though the pay them, alright, they don’t ask for discounts. Thus, they end up paying the service more than what they could have saved only if they had asked for a discount.


You can save money by saving electricity. Install equipment in your house that consumes less electricity, and every time you leave the room make sure all the lights, fans or other electrical equipments are turned off.


You don’t need to do laundry or take a shower every day. You can save a lot of water by using the same shirt for two days in a row, and by taking shower once in two days.


You can save a lot on food by saving leftovers and using them the following day. A lot of people do this and it has nothing to do with being poor.

Living a frugal life has nothing to do with poverty, frugality is living wisely. You can save a lot of money by living frugally. Imagine this money can later be used in times of need.


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