Can You Save Money Trading Your Car In For A Scooter?

Can You Save Money Trading Your Car In For A Scooter?
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    As you pull into the gas station on a regular basis and find yourself paying higher and higher prices to fill your car's tank, you may be standing at the pump and daydreaming about having a better way to get around your town or city.

    If so, your thoughts may be turning to scooters.


Becoming more popular each year with people of all ages and from all walks of life, you may be curious as to just how much money you could save by owning a scooter rather than a car. If so, here’s a breakdown of the finances associated with cars and scooters.

Fuel Prices

Depending on the car you own, you probably get around 30 miles to the gallon, give or take a gallon here and there. Since you’ll need at least 15 gallons of gas to fill your tank, this can add up in a hurry at three dollars or more per gallon.

But with a scooter, you’ll have a fuel tank that will hold only one gallon or slightly more. Also, your scooter will get at least 100 miles per gallon of gas, meaning you’ll be filling up very infrequently. This can be especially helpful during months where the gas prices are higher and would typically cost significantly more to fill up.

Buying a New Car

If you trade in your car for one that’s brand-new, you’ll pay $30,000 or far more depending on the brand and model, meaning you’ll have years and years of high payments as your car depreciates in value.

Typically, you’ll get far less for your car than its value, which typically means that you’ll need to put additional money to get a new car.

Even purchasing a used car can cost significantly more than if you buy a brand-new scooter. But with a scooter, you probably won’t pay more than $5,000 for a brand-new model.

The value of your scooter will also depreciate overtime and through mileage that you put on it. Additionally, you’ll likely not be able to trade in an old scooter with very much value compared to that of a car. These are all things you should consider before trading your car into a scooter.

Insurance Coverage

When you own a car, your insurance costs can be very high, especially when you combine collision, liability, and other aspects of coverage. Also, should you have an accident, your premiums often skyrocket, or the company cancels your policy altogether.

However, scooter insurance is far more affordable, saving you possibly thousands of dollars per year. Similar to cars, the type and age of scooter you have do affect the cost of insurance typically.

For example, a 2002 Vespa insurance typically costs less than that of a 2014 scooter. That being said, it is ideal to reach out to a scooter insurance company to get the rates before you purchase your scooter.

Far Less Maintenance

As today’s cars have become much more complex electronically, it is virtually impossible for you to pop the hood and spend a weekend working on it yourself. Instead, you are forced to take it to a mechanic, where you will pay large amounts of money to have computer chips replaced.

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When you own a scooter, you avoid such scenarios. Instead, scooters need very little maintenance, other than an occasional oil change or tire replacement. Best of all, you can do most scooter maintenance yourself, saving you both time and money.

If you’re ready to make the move from car owner to scooter owner, it may take some getting used to early on. However, once you see just how much money you’re saving, you’ll wonder why you didn’t make this decision sooner.

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