6 Ingenious Ways to Save Cash and Escape Debt

6 Ingenious Ways to Save Cash and Escape Debt
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    When it's time to set goals to reduce your debt and save more cash, there are many ways to accomplish the task without cutting too many corners.


There are several creative ways to save cash and make steady progress while reducing the debt that you’ve required. By remaining flexible and putting in a bit of effort, you’ll be able to find practical ways to put money aside.

1. Complete Online Surveys 

Earn extra cash by completing online surveys from companies who are looking for the opinions of average consumers. The companies also offer gift cards as incentives, which can work to reduce your grocery or household bills.

2. Use Coupons

Spend less at the grocery store by saving on items that you already use each week. Purchase the Sunday newspaper to obtain inserts that will include coupons for bread, cheese, and common products that you’re already purchasing. You can also obtain more coupons online or through store ads that you receive in the mail.

3. Reduce Your Interest Rate

When paying off your debt, work to lower your interest rate by talking to your lenders and obtaining assistance with the help of professionals in your area, which include D Thode & Associates. You’ll end up paying less in interest rates until the debt is paid in full, which will allow you to pay more than the minimum balance each month.

4. Carpool to Work

Save money on fuel by carpooling to work with coworkers or other individuals who are taking the same route. Several websites offer rideshare programs and services to help you connect with other people in your local area. Carpool vans are also available and can pick you up at your front door for a cheaper alternative than using your own vehicle.

5. Hand Wash Your Car

Instead of spending $5 a week to wash your car, opt for washing it yourself in the driveway for an easy way to save some extra cash each month. You can also use a car cover when it’s parked outdoors to reduce the amount of washes that are needed.

6. Cut Cable

Limit the amount of time that you spend in front of the TV by cutting your cable, which can save an average of $100 a month per household. Opt for subscribing to Hulu Plus or Netflix or any number of video on demand services without having to miss out on your favorite shows. You can also pay to watch your favorite television series online or through iTunes, which will still be a more affordable option than paying for hundreds of channels.

When it’s time to set new financial goals and work toward paying off debt, there are many ways to save cash without having to go to extreme measures. By performing certain tasks yourself or cutting out a few luxuries, it can make it easy to pay off credit card debt or student loans at a faster rate and make progress that leads to financial freedom.


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