9 Best Ways To Save Money On Your Medical Bills: Part 2

9 Best Ways To Save Money On Your Medical Bills: Part 2
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    On Monday in Part 1 we discussed 4 ways to save money on your medical bills.

    Now we will delve into 5 more ways you can save money on your medical bills!


On Monday in Part 1 we discussed 4 ways to save money on your medical bills: choosing in network providers, why it’s worth considering a high deductible plan, the benefits of asking for generic prescriptions, and why you should get the recommended preventative care.

Now we will delve into 5 more ways you can save money on your medical bills!

5. Stay Healthy

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle helps you to stay out of the doctor’s office, thus lowering health care costs. Eating healthy foods in the right proportions, getting enough sleep, quitting smoking and regular exercise, are just some of the ways to stay healthy. For those who find it hard to hit the gym regularly, walking is an easier alternative. So, make it a habit to go out for a stroll (daily if possible) to help you stay active and keep fit.

6. Compare The Prices Of Lab Tests And Prescription Drugs

Before visiting that doctor-recommended laboratory or pharmacy, consider visiting a couple of other medical facilities to compare their prices. Because different facilities charge differently for their services across the country, it is possible to get prescription drugs or lab tests done at a lower price.

7. Consider Mail-Order Medications

Buying prescription drugs, such as cholesterol or birth control drugs, on a regular basis, can be very expensive in the long run. Luckily, there are health insurance companies that offer mail-order options, where one can receive a 90-day supply of drugs at a lower price than what pharmacies charge. This is a great money-saving option to consider for those who are constantly on drugs.

8. Countercheck The Medical Bill Before Writing A Cheque

According to the Medical Billing Advocates of America, about eight out of ten medical bills have errors. It is therefore in your best interest to take time and check the medical bill thoroughly to ensure than everything is in order before paying.

If there is anything that is not clear, contact the hospital’s billing department for further clarification. Doing this always can help save money that would otherwise be wasted in paying for unknown charges.

9. Follow The Doctor’s Orders

Research shows that 20 percent of patients don’t buy prescriptions they get from doctors, while another 10 percent don’t take their medications correctly. Failure to follow the doctor’s orders can make one’s condition worse, landing him back in the waiting room. This is yet another medical bill that can easily be avoided by being obedient.

The above simple tips, if implemented, can help to significantly reduce health care expenses.

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