House Heating Up? 4 Ways You Can Save on Energy Bills This Summer

House Heating Up? 4 Ways You Can Save on Energy Bills This Summer
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    Although it's still spring, the warm weather will make you believe summer came early.


Because of this notion, don’t wait until the heat is unbearable to make adjustments to the energy bill. Practicing good energy-saving habits will help you save on the electric bill. Here are four strategies for keeping your house cool this summer without breaking your budget.

Turn On ACs and Fans

The air conditioner remained off for four-six months during the fall and winter months. Now, the air conditioner may be mandatory, depending on where you live. Before use, it’s best to clean the air conditioner for maximum performance.

Start fresh and add a brand new air filter in the AC. Hire a professional to clean out wall, ceiling, and floor vents, too. Additionally, keep furniture and rugs away from the floor vents. Remove debris from fans with a damp cloth. Test out the AC and fans to make sure it’s working properly. Pay attention to unusual sounds and smells.

Turn On the Ceiling Fan

With the ceiling fan on clockwise, it kept the cool air near the ceiling and pushed the warm air downward. Change the setting now to counterclockwise for the upcoming heat.

When the ceiling fan is on counterclockwise, the warm and cold air are in reverse mode. The warm air pulls upward and the cool air pushes downward. The ceiling fan’s purpose is to assist the air conditioner and thermostat so it uses less electricity.

Turn Off Energy-Sucking Products

Appliances, electronics, and lights use electricity while generating heat. By turning it off, the cool air remains cool while the electric bill remains low. Also turn it off when it’s idle. An alternative strategy is finding new ways to accomplish daily tasks. An example is using the grill, microwave, or toaster oven to cook meals. A second example is opening windows at night to let the cool breeze in instead of running the AC at night.

other valuable tips:

Turn Off the Sunlight

The afternoon hours are the hottest times of the day, so inviting window sunlight to an already hot home is counterproductive. Shut the hottest windows in the home with custom blinds. This will add enough darkness, thickness, and heat-proof material to keep the heat out and the cool air in. This results in a massive reduction in heat gain, requiring less use of the AC.

Similar to the electric bill rising during the winter months to heat the home, the electric bill will rise during the summer to cool said house. A high utility bill is as dreadful during summer as it is in winter. Use the in-between time to remove winter insulation and prepare for summer insulation. Doing this, as well as the other tips above, will help you save a lot of money during the year’s hottest months.

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