Bill Bundling: How to Do it the Right Way and Actually Save Money

Bill Bundling: How to Do it the Right Way and Actually Save Money
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    You’ve probably heard many companies trying to get your attention with “bill bundling” options. They tout lower prices and promise to “save you a bundle,” if you combine several services.


The truth is, bundling is usually a tricky situation. In some cases, it may make a bill even higher than usual. But with careful investments and paying attention to both rental fees and interest rates, bundling can save consumers a nice chunk of change. If your bills are looking a little high, read on for a little advice about the best practices for bill bundling that will actually allow you to save money:

Searching for Phone, Internet Bundle Deals

Although cell phones are gaining in popularity as the primary source of contact, landlines are still commonly needed for professional purposes: office phones, fax machines, conference calls or even personal calls for people who don’t want their cell phone numbers released to everyone. Internet service is mandatory for just about every organization that has a website, e-commerce and online customer service. Some bundle packages may help both personal consumers and workplace consumers save on a multi-use phone (cell, fax, office, home) and Internet packaging, including equipment. When requesting service, inquire about whether the company has a special plan for packages that include both home and cell. Using one particular mobile number as a "home" number with an Internet bundle package may also help with savings.

Bundling Cable, Internet Packages

The key to saving money on this bundle package is to calculate the monthly rental rates for a DVR or TIVO player. It may be cheaper to purchase your own recording equipment and just pay for the cable and Internet rates separately. However, if this equipment ever malfunctions, be aware that your cable provider may have a tough time or have a right to refuse service for equipment that is not theirs. If you are trying to save money, verify whether the modem and router rentals are included in the bundles. According to the high speed internet provider in Colorado at USA Communications, non-cable provider purchases can sometimes cost more in the long run, especially if you get outdated equipment or need extra repairs.

Saving on Gas, Electricity Bills

Electricity and gas bills can be a tricky situation, primarily because it’s difficult to estimate the costs. Someone who is retired will probably have a higher electricity bill because they’re at home more often than the nine-to-fiver. During winter months, families may use the stove and heating vents more often. In summer months, air conditioning rates can make an electricity bill go sky high. By bundling utility packages, the monthly rates are even straight through the year. While the monthly bill may seem excessive during lighter months of the year, that extra savings will come in handy depending on location and home activity during the busier seasons.

Insuring Home Security

While not having insurance for an automobile is illegal, home insurance and renters insurance doesn’t carry the same legal weight. However, anything can happen: fire, water damage, weather-related damage or burglary. Many auto insurance companies offer bundle packages with home and renters insurance providers. Signing up for a bundle package may decrease the initial amount for auto insurance, home insurance or both.

Every bundle deal may not be as cost effective as another. But simple addition can quickly help homeowners and renters figure out whether the bundle packaging is worth it. While it will be a little extra research to compare rates, paying attention to individual fees may also help consumers negotiate rates with their providers. A good provider will want to be a step ahead of their competition, and a savvy consumer will always be on the lookout for the best money saving plans.


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